Saturday, June 18, 2016

I Know You Are Probably Tired Of This

.... but I suspect that our earth is growing even more weary:


  1. We're living with climate change and severe weather events but, before long, the other shoe must drop - resilience. These are blows to our societies, our communities and our economies. Like a boxer, we've been reeling - a little - from these blows but we've not been knocked to the mat yet.

    Massive cities such as Sao Paulo, Brazil have been brought to the edge. Eventually one of them will fall, leading to an enormous wave of internally displaced people.

    This report shows the wild fire devastation across America's south. No mention of what's happening even further south, across Mexico and Central America. That's where life is beginning to become very difficult and may within a few years become untenable.

    Cold and wet out here, Lorne. I'm beginning to feel blessed.

    1. I guess that is the nature of American news, Mound. if it isn't happening in the U.S., it is not important.

      I have heard about all of the rain you have been getting in B.C. Perhaps it is becoming too much of a good thing, given the flooding that has happened?