Saturday, August 2, 2014

Is the Washington Post Even Trying Anymore?

My brother sent me a link to a photo-essay in The Washington Post said to depict an Israeli airstrike in Gaza.

It's a nice story as these things go. The homeowner receives a friendly call from Israelis telling him to get out of the building immediately as it's about to be attacked. The fellow gets all his family and relatives out to safety. No one killed, no one injured, building destroyed. No harm, no foul - sort of.

Except, if you look carefully at the photos, something isn't right. This looks doctored, staged. Photo 1, shown here, is said to show a bomb just before it hits a house in Gaza City.

Photo 2 is captioned, "Residents of central Gaza watch as an Israeli bomb drops on a house."

Photo 3 is said to show a strike by a missile fired by an Israeli F-16.

Photo 4 is said to show smoke rising from the demolished building.

What do you see in those pictures? Photo 1 shows what appears to be a laser-guided bomb, a 500-pounder, just a second before impact. Look at the street scene. Find the lightpost on the left side with a tire on it and use that for your frame of reference. Notice the off-white van and the yellow car in the street.

Photo 2, the van and car have disappeared. In their place are two rows of tires apparently blocking the street. There appears to be a crew on the sidewalk to the right with another tire, apparently unconcerned.

Photo 3, a wider street scene shot from a safer distance showing the fireball of the missile. Again the tires are in place.

Photo 4, the tires are gone but that van and yellow car are back.

How did the tire crew know that this particular house was going to be targeted? The owner said he had a matter of minutes from the warning call until the arrival of the first bomb. How do you get the tire crew and the tires deployed on site with no advance warning?

Why did they have to use the same prop van and prop yellow car, posed side by side, in the before and after photos? That just beggars belief. I think what we're seeing here is second-rate propaganda intended to further the narrative that Israel isn't targeting Palestinian civilians. Close, but no cigar.

MoS, the Disaffected Lib


  1. Mound, it is an incredible farce. Palestinian death toll, I believe, over 1500 now. Most of them women and children. What is the explanation of that by Israel? Dreadful butchery.

  2. To me it looks like the photos are in the wrong order.
    Number 4 should be after number 1 photo for a start off.

    1. Agreed, the photos aren't in the correct order. The first 3 strikes where from smaller munitions to serve as a warning before the 2000lb paveway missile was dropped!

    2. That is the first inclination, however; the photos in question are by a Max Becherer, the details of the saved files state that aljalla-1.jpg shot at 12:11pm and aljalla-3.jpg shot at 11:27am. Save the pictures and see for yourself as I have.

    3. aljalla-1.jpg and aljalla-3.jpg were clearly taken within seconds of each other, open them side by side and see for yourself. Either that or the cameraman got every person on that street to stand completely still for 40 minutes. The sun too.

  3. As others pointed out, photos seem to be in the wrong order just by looking at them. It's possible the tyres were placed in the road after the missile hit.... warning people not to go down there. Then the photos 2 & 3 could have been a separate missile, as in 2 missiles hitting the same area, after the road was blocked off with the tyres.

    Either way, it cannot be denied that Israel is engaging in the most anti-humane attack on people in many decades... the whole thing is an excuse for genocide backed by religious fundamentalist extremists in the name of zionism. These people "zionists" are no different than Al Qaeda or the Nazi party. They all used (and use) religion as a basis to excuse their crimes on innocent people.