Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Clearly, There Is No Depth The Harper Regime Won't Plumb

I believe this is ample testament to my heading.

Happily, many readers have seen through a cheap, demagogic ruse that once more demonstrates the unfitness of the Harper regime to hold public office:

Wow, Harper and his cronies really are getting scared. This is the best you can do huh?

It's obvious the Conservative's accusations are outrageous at best but I'll give them thanks for putting Justin Trudeau's name in the headlines while making themselves look like fools at the same time. :))

The Cons are out to lunch on this, they must be running scared. I was not sure if I was going to vote Liberal, but I am now.

More muck raking from the gutter party....The smell of fear emanating from the Conservatives is a like a breath of fresh air for the other %70 of Canadians.


  1. The Libs and NDP need to grasp the concept of the word, Coalition. 75% of the voting blocks, worth.

    1. Unfortunately, the concept seems to be contrary to their desire for unfettered power all to themselves, Ole.

  2. .. look for the John Oakley radio show this morning.. where Charles McVetey explained the evangelical Christian validation for Stephen Harper's need to support Israel ". quite stunning hysterical.. yet enlightening rant..

  3. .. Here is Charles McVetey.. on the John Oakley show

    Its bizarre.. yet perfectly gets at where a good part
    of Canada's current government, & its base are coming from..

    What part of Canada's population or electorate buys into this..
    or even vaguely understands where Stephen Harper is coming from
    or heading to, is another question ..

    The Rapture ?? Who knew ? An Election promise ?

    1. Thanks, Salamander. I will listen to it immediately.

  4. Indeed, they're scared -- really scared.