Friday, March 14, 2014

The CBC Ombudsman Makes Her Ruling

As reported by Andrew Mitrovica on iPolitiics, the CBC ombudsman, Esther Enkin, has finally reached her decision on the many conflict of interest complaints lodged against Rex Murphy and Peter Mansbridge.

Briefly, here is what she said:

“Given that Journalistic Standards and Practices spells out a commitment to independence, and the Conflict of Interest guidelines encompass perception of conflict as well, it is inconsistent with policy when CBC news and current affairs staff accept payment from groups that are likely to be in the news.

She has a somewhat timid suggestion for CBC management:

“But since taking money leads to a perception of a conflict of interest, CBC management might want to consider, in the review they are undertaking, whether even with disclosure, it is appropriate for CBC news and current affairs staff to get paid for their speaking engagements.

“To summarize, in the course of reviewing its policy, I hope CBC management will reconsider the practice of paid speaking engagements for its journalists and, at a minimum, consider how any relevant activity and payment can be on the public record.”

As Mitovica tartly points out,

Enkin’s ruling is a stinging rebuke of Mansbridge and Murphy — who, since the controversy broke in iPolitics, have not only been unapologetic about receiving payment from outside vested-interest groups, but have also vowed to continue the controversial practice despite mounting criticism and condemnation.

The ombudsman's full report can be read here.

Will anything change as a result of this finding? Given the fierce recalcitrance of Rex Murphy, more a legend in his mind than in anyone else's, I am dubious. But one hopes that the CBC will show a shred of its rapidly diminishing integrity and issue Newfoundland's favorite son an ultimatum.

After all, given Rex's apparent popularity with the tarsand enthusiasts, he should have no problem keeping body and soul together by continuing to be a shill for the petroleum industry.


  1. .. expect little .. or lickspittle..
    or kitty litter as our newly legislated Canadian Values .. !

    We now stand for nothing.. are pro Israel, fraudulent ..
    Butt represents our veracity and 'vision'
    as do innumerable lying spies and PMO dirtbaggers
    and a few fading rag tag 'newspapers' and pundits

    Vic Toews represents our judicial wisdom, & views on babysitters roles
    McKay our procurement.. of pork, chopper flights, F- 35's and dimwittedness
    Gail Shea may be our most flagrant salmon sellout.. DFO idiot witch
    Peter (the wolf poisoner) Kent hides under his backbench
    hoping nobody remembers him .. or his environmental sellout
    while Ol Joe Oliver snivels manfully to exceed in ethical oil 'service' to Harperism
    and secretive deals with Big Carbon, China and frackers.. (see Big Carbon/China)

    Baird, Clement, Flaherty, Moore request marching orders
    via PMO twinks, like Ray Novak, Jenni Byrne, Arthur (in hiding) Hamilton

    For all we really know, Laureen, a feral cat or a panda..
    or Ezra or Tom Flanagan.. or Bruce Harper
    is now in charge of Canada, policy, environment

    Steve is off to cement his 'International Statesman' legacy in Ukraine
    hard on his Israel, South Korean, China secretive Mission from Gawd
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    all TBA depending on the Canadian dollar .. and price of sweet crude
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    These are the dayz of the Reform/Harper lipstick Pigs ..
    I'm not sure what they Stand on Guard For ..
    no sign of a single Glowing Heart there..
    all good n well says our Headfast Zealot prick Poilievre in Charge of Democracy
    while grabbing another tube of lipstick .. 'trust me' ....

    1. As always, Salamander, a peerless review of the antics, er, I mean performance, of our political 'leaders.'

  2. The Salamander's indictment is much more trenchant than Ms. Enkin's.

    1. More trenchant and, I think, more accurate, Owen.