Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It's Definitely Not Democracy

That's the conclusion fundraising expert Harvey McKinnon draws in this interview during which he discusses the Harper regime's targeting of groups that oppose the Tory policy of environmental despoliation, about which I wrote previously.

McKinnon also offers this startling information: Statistically, one in 100 charities are audited each year. This Revenue Canada has gone after seven out of 12 charities this year. According to a statistician on his staff, the odds of this happening randomly are one chance in a billion.

Draw what inference you will from that.

H/t Occupy Canada


  1. .. Inference .. ??

    Undefendable ideology
    Malicious, pretentious, toxic action..
    Rabid behavior, fear of democracy ..
    Delusion & incompetence at the highest level ... ....

    Mad dog government frothing at the mouth

    1. That about says it all regarding this regime, doesn't it, Salamander?