Friday, August 23, 2013

Hee Hee Hee

Despite the misspelling in the caption, I rather like this cartoon, probably for obvious reasons.

As well, you may enjoy these letters from Star readers who have an even less flattering view of Mr. Harper as it pertains to his northern junket, escaping the heat via prorogation, and his ongoing senate 'problems.'


  1. This cartoon depicts Harper quite well.

    However, I think Justin Trudeau is overdoing it. He did not need to disclose that he smoked pot after becoming M.P. Why to become a fuel for controversy? Harpites are exploiting this confession and will continue to do so. It was enough when he said he supports legalizing pot.

    1. You may be right, LeDaro, or it may be that his honesty will garner some respect. Only time will tell, but of course, your prediction about the Harperites is absolutely correct. No doubt they will use their extended vacation thanks to yet another prorogation to concoct a multi-faceted attack campaign.

  2. Lorne, yesterday I was watching CBC Power and Politics and watched the reaction of Trudeau's fellow MPs. If you have time you may consider to watch this video - it is only 15 minutes long:

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  4. OOOPs! There a few videos. It is this one:

    It was Power Panel on P & P. Although I did not smoke marijuana but I am a bit spaced-out today. Sorry for the mistake.

  5. LeDaro, i watched the video and have included it as an update on the post, Let The Hysteria Begin. Thanks again for alerting me to it.