Thursday, March 12, 2015

Philip Junop Has An Important Message

If we truly love our country, it is one we all should heed:
Life in Canada has been good to me as I approach my 60th birthday. A loving and carefree childhood in scenic, small town Ontario, a good education that led to a steady, decent paying job and a happy, healthy family I am forever grateful for, are some of the realities responsible for my contentment.

Yet, the one ingredient in my life that has been a constant source of pride and delight is that I am Canadian, living in what I consider to be the greatest country in the world. That was until Stephen Harper came along to obliterate that notion.

Paying a little less in taxes every year as we watch our beloved country slide deeper into a Harper-greased pit of Conservative-style totalitarianism is simply not acceptable.

If you have even a trace of the same sadness in your heart and fear in the pit of your stomach for Canada that I do, this coming election will be the most important you will ever vote in.

Philip Junop, Newmarket


  1. Junop is absolutely right. The upcoming election will have far reaching consequences, Lorne.

    1. I sincerely hope that our fellow citizens recognize our peril, Owen.

  2. The past little while I've realized that we need to do a lot more, a lot more quickly. Like the CCF did in the 30's. We have to address our environmental deficit, cancel free trade and make sure all Canadians are cared for, then reach out to the world. We need to use hard hitting language, like telling a wealthy person who pays little in taxes that their wealth is the reason a child in a marginalized or a minimum wage home is hungry. We need to use moral persuasion to help people realize that terrorism doesn't matter a lick and that we have to tackle our emissions or it's all for naught. I'm thinking we need to create a movement of some sort to push the political conversation in this direction because I believe it will engage a lot of people who are left out and opt out.

    Any thoughts?

    1. Good thoughts there, Tim. it seems to me that the only politician who is broaching any of these topics is Elizabeth May who, by virtue of her outlier status, speaks more honestly than any of our other so-called leaders. Unfortunately, when it comes to these issues, most of those in a position to galvanize people choose, instead, to maintain the status quo.