Tuesday, February 24, 2015

More Warnings About Bill C-51

H/t The Globe and Mail

Increasingly disenchanted Globe readers weigh in with their thoughts:
Re Kenney Spurns Calls To Increase Security Oversight (Feb. 23):

The Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC) only reviews security-agency operations after the fact. Defence Minister Jason Kenney and the Prime Minister maintain that we don’t need oversight of the agencies’ day-to-day operations. That’s like saying we don’t need referees in professional hockey, it’s sufficient for someone to review the tape after the fact and penalize the players if they broke the rules. Does anyone seriously think the players wouldn’t behave differently without referees?

The PM says judges will provide the necessary oversight, but that’s only required if the security agencies plan something illegal. Continuing the analogy, it’s like expecting the players to check in with the referee before the hit.

National security shouldn’t be a self-policing game of shinny. This is serious.

Jason Scott, Ottawa


Once lost, freedom is hard to regain. As Canadians, we must demand that our politicians protect our society – not just from the threats of the few, but most importantly from the threat we impose on ourselves when we give too much power to too few people, with too little oversight and too little accountability.

John Rudan, Kingston


Stephen Harper wanted to run on his economic record, but the economy is heading south. So the new anti-terror legislation will have to do. He just has to convince enough people he can protect them. Then they’ll not only accept giving up their Charter rights, but will vote for his party.

Almost anything can qualify as terrorism under Bill C-51, especially now that the RCMP has set its sights on environmentalists (RCMP Express Alarm Over ‘Anti-Petroleum’ Ideologists – Feb. 17).

I’m scared, but it’s not terrorism in Canada that scares me.

Tia Leschke, Sooke, B.C.


  1. .. How odd ..

    This is the same collection of Harper misfits, aka The Harper Government
    that refused to unleash the spies, forensics experts, data gurus, provincial police, RCMP etc.. when it became glaringly clear, 240 federal ridings were gooned, defrauded during the last general election.

    When a majority of Canadian ridings were impacted by a methodical conspiracy involving illegal live and robo calls, vote moving, vote suppression and fraud, a now convicted parliamentary secretary led the Harper Government defense.. of baseless smears, didn't happen etc etc.. while the Conservative Party of Canada CIMS database logs were altered to remove what? Names, dates, access etc

    Now this same collection of misfits is methodically jamming new sweeping legislation through Parliament.. via time allocation, whipped voting - party by party & we Canadians will soon be told its all been moved in camera to committee & that Cabinet Confidence will be the secret wrapping to the secrecy of Committee..

    The actual legislation and debate was so critical.. what with holy war jihadism about to sweep across Canada.. that Stephen Harper PM had to remain in hiding & not contribute to the critical debate.

    Right ...

    Can any MP.. claim they spoke with or reflect their riding constituents?

    No.. I thought not.. we have polls now to look after that small detail..
    I guess they are public service polls.. to tell us what we think or want
    in case we missed our PM telling us what we think
    and what our values are ....

    1. The extent of the Harperian hypocrisy is indeed sweeping, Salamander. It is perhaps reassuring for some who seek consistency in their government.