Friday, February 20, 2015

Harperian Hypocrisy: The Family Values Regime Disappoints Yet Again

While the Harper regime always touts itself as a government that stands up for family vlaues, evidence once more indicates this is little more than rhetoric and rank hypocrisy, aided and abetted by an almost completely politicized RCMP.

The CBC reports
RCMP have been holding back millions of dollars from the force's vaunted program to fight online child pornography, partly to help the Harper government pay down the federal deficit.
CBC News has learned that over a five-year period, Canada's national police force Mounties withheld some $10 million in funds earmarked for its National Child Exploitation Co-ordination Centre and related projects, linchpins of the government's anti-child-pornography agenda.

The cuts, made partly as an RCMP contribution to the government's so-called deficit reduction action plan, have occurred even as the number of child-exploitation tips from the public increase exponentially.

The systematic underfunding is highlighted in a draft report prepared for Public Safety Canada, and obtained through the Access to Information Act.
For its part, the Harper regime denies that the underexpenditures have anything to do with fiscal matters; it's just that the force can't find good people to do the job.

Really? And this problem goes back to 2008? Past evidence suggests that explanation simply won't fly.


  1. .. read and be astounded by the lame dissembling excuse offered..

    a clear clue to the PMO obviously is the opening statement meant to confuse the issue in the media. 'we did not cut funds' which nobody has said they did..
    as if they have been falsely accused... and now vindicated..

    The rest is pure drivel as well.. but bottom line, they are caught out as rhe horses asses they are.. incompetent - scheming, all at once

    1. Thanks for the link, Salamander. As usual, innuendo, attack and misdirection are the regime's only 'defenses.'