Friday, November 7, 2014

A Pity They Don't Practice Such Restraint Domestically

Those paragons of virtue and restraint, the business elite, have given us direction for successful relations with China.

Guy Nelson, who makes amusement park rides and was tapped as one of the businessmen to accompany Dear Leader to the Orient, is also freelancing as the Harper regime's foreign policy adviser. He has proclaimed that Canada should stay out of Chinese politics:
Nelson sees China as a huge opportunity for his company, noting theme parks planned by Walt Disney Co and Universal Studios in China, but said bumpy relations between the two countries hurt business.

"Canada has to not try to impose our values excessively on this country," he told reporters on the sidelines of the business conference.

"How China chooses to run its country is their business.
One cannot help but wonder where we poor befuddled peons would be without such unsolicited guidance from these Masters of the Universe.


  1. There is a rumour making the rounds, Lorne, that, if you make a million bucks you're wise.. Mr. Nelson personifies the folly of that notion.

    1. As well, Owen, he is probably surrounded with like minds who reinforce that fallacy.