Saturday, November 29, 2014

Tax Cuts Or Infrastructure Investments?

Mr. Harper has made his choice. Here is an example of where that kind of thinking can leave you.


  1. .. there's a staggering list of complete failures originating in the supreme noggin of the experimenter who has some sort of degree in economics. Yes I am referring to Stephen Harper - political careerist.. no I will not attempt to list the incompetancies, failures, conceits, obstructions, deceits.

    Instead a theme we both appreciate.. that of metaphor !

    The metaphor(s) I believe we should be carefully envisioning & crafting..
    should be of Stephen Harper.. and his unelected PMO.. & some others.

    Canada knows who his elected MP's are, his appointed Ministers, many of his appointed Senators, his Speaker, his wife (leveraged).. his pets like Ezra Levant and his failed bureaucrats like Carson, Porter, Nigel et al.. oddly missing in action lawyers such as Arthur Hamilton, Benjamin Perrin.. and literally thousands of lawyers working for The Harper Government !

    But the strange secret cabal named The PMO.. who are they? And why?
    And those other unelecteds considered among the most powerful and influential in Canada, Ray Novak, Jenni Byrne, Stephen Lecce.. the various mouthpieces and aides? If the caucus are bumbling idiots, shrill beasts of burden.. losing their playbook or choir list.. who is the PMO and Party coaching staff responsible, the choirmasters who can't get it done?

    If The Harper Government and The Harper Party are truly complete perpetual losers, liars.. then lets see that as metaphor.. a football team? A glee club? An S & M swingers club? And who is behind the scenes.. ? That's the key. Reveal the myth behind Stephen Harper.. and the monsters.

    I get a whiff.. a nasty putrid whiff of the Penn State - Joe Paterno scandal as an example. Where nothing was as it seemed. A doddering head coach trapped in his own legend, creepy entitled perp, lack of courage or responsibility everywhere, disconnected campus security and police .. grooming and gaming ... assault - victims .. then scandal and handcuffs and denials .. the Joe Paterno statue removed - disgrace - and stored in a closet .. Legacy? What Legacy?

    1. You've suggested some evocative imagery here, Salamander. The power of metaphor is undeniable. Consistent associations of some kind with the regime could work to effectively establish how flawed a brand Harper Inc. truly is.