Saturday, August 2, 2014

Urban Camouflage for Canada's Soldiers?

The past dozen or so years have left most of us familiar with the pixelated camouflage pattern, pioneered in Canada, and worn by many nations’ soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Americans are now going back to a more traditional camouflage for their combat uniforms. Canada, however, is not. We already have three variants of the pixelated pattern – a rich green pattern for temperate forests, the desert tan we see so often and a white/grey winter-Arctic camo.

It turns out there’s a fourth pixelated pattern under development, an urban camouflage that our warriors can use presumably in our cities. The pattern is supposed to emulate conditions in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

It’s called CUEPAT, Canadian Urban Environment Pattern, and it’s designed so that your little warfighter can be concealed in our cities.

The requirement is to have an urban pattern which works in the unique requirements of Canada’s three major metropolitan areas, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. The current CBR (Chemical Biological, Radioactive) individual protective equipment (IPE) used by the Canadian military is provided in a woodland or desert camouflage. A camouflage suited to the Canadian urban environment is required when the military operates in urban terrain.

The military issued this specification: “Determine design parameters for an advanced Canadian urban environment camouflage patter (focus on Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal urban settings). Consider ...unique colour blends that would improve the users concealment in a range of urban environments.”

Do we really want our own military to be focusing on concealing our soldiers in our cities? To what end, exactly? What’s the threat that they perceive warrants an urban camouflage capability? Northern Gateway, perhaps? Like the American military, do they foresee mass uprisings and civil disobedience that will have to be countered with military intervention? I don’t think I’m okay with this, are you?

MoS, the Disaffected Lib


  1. .. thanks MoS & Lorne.. as usual.. timely observation, analysis, & excellence in Indy Canadian journalism. Seems another 'duh' strategy belching from the political blowholes & echoing through subservient military 'minds'. It will certainly be a big hit covering Harper's enormous pot belly in urban camo as he stumbles through the current election war campaign. They do call Party & Government headquarters 'war rooms' do they not.

    I may try to expand on a riff.. a truly valid & resonant metaphor based on your illuminating report.. But right now I am thinking about how the indy blog movement & twitterverse is gnawing at the camouflage of The Harper Fallacy & The Conservative Conspiracy in Canada

    Environment - Resources - Politics - Corporatism - Religion (evangelism)
    Every day in Canada, we get a nincompoop, a mouthpiece, a braying idiot, a pompous liar, an accused, an apologist, a walking disaster, a felon.. popping up and delivering their talking point, their legislation, their denial, their toxic ideology.. or just exhibiting the ethical vacuum they flourish in, usually related to those five battle fronts.. Unfortunately.. that's what faces ordinary Canadians today.. as those sectors are attacked by our very own elected government.

    Calandra, Toews, Harper, Jenni Byrne, MacKay, Ford, Hudak, Gerstein, Duffy, Arthur Hamilton, Benjamin Perrin, Andrew MacDougall, Baird, Levant, Adler, Ray Novak.. the list is staggering. But they are a betraying minority.. crude usurpers, mealy opportunists, bagmen, shills and a partisan plague.. frothing for the Harper 'brand' ..

  2. Mound, as always, your capacity for detailed research and analysis has revealed things that the majority of us are blind to. The implications of your latest discovery are truly frightening and yet wholly consistent with the contempt that Dear Leader treats most Canadians with.

  3. .. again, being impertinent.. why not create Habs, Canucks, Leafs motif camouflaged uniforms, ammo bags and gun cases (a la hockey bag) & armored ball caps.. ?

    Even better, why not dress snipers, infantry as elected politicians? Somehow they.. and the horde of cowardly entitled partisans, sociopaths, trolls, PMO, lawyers etc manage to hide in plain sight, evade or confuse our RCMP, Elections Canada, ethics investigators.. so surely they freely roam Canada via commercial airlines, government aircraft, limo's, helicopters.. etc and roam urban environments

    Thus Canadian Forces disguised as elected public servants, with 'brief case'.. in dark suits, accompanied by 'security' or flacks or spokeswanks. Our soldiers would need wigs, pot bellies, along with the 'banker/broker/lobbyist/lawyer disguise..

    The problem though.. is that a few of Canada's aboriginal elders, charities, environmental activists & concerned Canadians of all ages, including First Nations.. may already have embraced similar deceptions.. dressing up as primary school children, lawyers, teachers, biologists, doctors/nurses ..

    'The enemy is among us..' so says the Harper DonorShip Doctrine via Fred De Lorey while begging for 5 bucks.. or 50.. or thousands

    If they plan to put our own Canadian Forces into our communities, our cultures, I hope they go big, go stupid.. or go to hell in a handbasket to the Harper Rapture BBQ