Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Police Are Such Sensitive Souls

Andre Marin, Ontario's Ombudsman, found this out after announcing he was planning to investigate the province’s direction to police on de-escalating conflict situations in light of the police killing of Sammy Yatim.

According to a report in The National Post, a Durham police detective, Dennis Scott, opened a Twitter account under a pseudonym so that he could call Marin a carded member of Al Qaida. With what I guess passes for original thought amongst the constabulary, Scott went on to call the ombudsman “a complete douche bag!” and had this suggestion: “Why don’t you stick your big French nose up your ass instead of business where it doesn’t belong.”

Toronto city councillor, who was critical of the police killing, was also the recipient of advice from Scott:

“You are a real expert, huh? Douchebag city councillor? Were you there? You need to keep your idiotic thoughts to yourself.”

Durham Police Deputy Chief Paul Martin tweeted that he is investigating these disturbing allegations.

I'm sure that will set everything to rights.

H/t trapdinawrpool


  1. And as with most police disciplinary issues you can pretty much count on said issue being buried by same said police...


    1. That certainly seems to be the pattern, Neil. I doubt that they will be outsourcing the investigation, despite an obvious conflict of interest.

  2. I wouldn't be surprised if many of the fascist hatemongers spewing their hatred on media discussion forums such as Yahoo turn out to be military officers or police detectives or some other official entrusted with public security and safety, taking time off from their duties to tell the Canadian public how they really feel, and for which groups they reserve a particular hatred. This one officer appears to have a particular resentment not only for the office of Provincial Ombudsman, but for the fact a francophone was appointed to such office....

    1. Hmmm..possibly a hate crime to add to Detective Scott's problems?