Monday, August 12, 2013

Guest Commentary: Why Tim Hudak Has Failed To Catch Fire

Yesterday I wrote an entry offering my opinion on why Ontarians are not embracing Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak as the economic messiah he purports to be. Fellow blogger ThinkingManNeil offered a concise and insightful comment on Hudak's problem, which I am posting as a separate entry here:

I think that another reason that Ontarians are reluctant to give Hudak the reins of power is that most most people who remember the Harris regime really remember seeing no tangible benefits from it. Hospitals were closed, teachers and nurses were fired by the truckload, the deregulation free for all (free fall?) gave us Walkerton, the riots at Queen's Park and the execution of Dudley George, workfare that promised job training but was more like punitive community service (aka forced labour litter collection), and seeing valuable provincial assets sold off such as the cash cow 407 highway. And all the while the only beneficiaries of these changes seem to have been the Bay Street set. Now in Sparky McAusterity we see someone even more doctrinaire than Harris, and short of Ford Nation or the Harper Reich I think most folks a pretty leery of seeing a "Common Sense Revolution" on steroids...


  1. At this rate, Tim "Whodat" is the one who is gonna need some strong "affirmative action" to remain the leader. I believe he will claim that he is the first of his clan or ethnic group to become leader of the PC.

    What did he call struggling new Canadians -- foreign workers or something like that? All because the Liberals were trying to help overqualified taxi drivers get a foot in the door to employment in their profession in this country.

    1. That episode was clearly not one of young Tim's finer moments, Anon.