Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Canada, Doesn't This Sound Familiar?


  1. Replace the "30 Years' with "7 years" and sadly . . . yes :)

    1. Oh, so true. Interesting to note the pattern though, isn't it, Sassy?

  2. .. a coalition of honest, bright, courageous and very clever Canadians are going to have to figure out how to hold the feet of a pathological liar.. to the fire..

    .. realistically, we need Stephen Harper to admit he is wrong, dishonest, un-Canadian, conniving, untrustworthy, unaccountable, controlling.. dangerous.. and should seek help.

    .. with that accomplished, his political party, his government, his electoral dream/nightmare, his toxic legislations go up in smoke.. No legacy other than dishonor - cowardice

    .. applying lateral thinking .. and problem solving (a la Edward de Bono) is the likely solution.. So let's try to state the problem correctly.. and the solution should be found within.

    .. what situation would best cause Stephen Harper to suddenly retire from politics ?

    .. who has information regarding Stephan Harper that would encourage him to retire immediately ?

    .. who would conceivably profit or benefit from Stephan Harper's immediate retirement ?

    .. Stephen Harper may believe he is a political god .. he may even believe his own lies and actions are just 'situational ethics' .. or expedient.. even necessary .. he may believe he is an economist.. even one of astounding stature.. He's certainly surrounded by toxic and tainted persons who benefit by supporting the Harper myth, deceit and conceit.. Who would Jason Kenney be without Harper ? Toews ? Baird ? Clement ? Ashfield ? Arthur Hamilton ? Jenni Byrne ? Ray Novak ?

    .. every single one of them .. and many many more, possibly several thousand in all .. need to step away from government, cease and desist.. confess if willing.. attempt to rejoin normal society ..

    .. think Iceland .. people fired, jailed .. sanity restored .. the healing begun ..

    1. Your commentary puts me in mind of a scene from Macbeth (a literary tyrant I often think of when I think of Harper's toxicity), Salamander. It is near the end of the play when the English are close at handd and ready to overthrow him. A doctor who has been ministering to Macbeth's conscience-plagued wife is asked:

      If thou couldst, doctor, cast
      The water of my land, find her disease
      And purge it to a sound and pristine health,(60)
      I would applaud thee to the very echo,
      That should applaud again. ...
      What rhubarb, senna, or what purgative drug
      Would scour these English hence? Hear'st thou of them?

      The irony of the scene is that Macbeth is the sickness that plagues the land, and the end of his rule is the only cure.

      As with Macbeth, only with the removal of Harper, as you state, can sanity [be]restored.. the healing begun.