Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Apparently, Talk Of Charter Rights Is Just Nonsense

"Guys are talking nonsense and he got nonsense back.” - Sgt. Mark Charlebois in defense of his denial of Paul Figueiras's Charter Rights during Toronto 2010 G20 Summit.

Unfortunately, Sgt. Charlebois is not the only one who feels that our Charter Rights are a risible matter. As reported in today's Star, the York Police Services Board has blocked efforts to lay misconduct charges against the officer, shown in the YouTube video above telling a G20 protestor “This ain’t Canada right now” and demanding that he be searched.

In October, the province’s police complaints watchdog recommended three misconduct charges against Sgt. Mark Charlebois, who apprehended Paul Figueiras during the G20 summit two years ago. Unfortunately, standing upon a technicality, the York Police Services Board has refused to authorize the laying of those charges.

What is that old saying about bringing the administration of justice into disrepute?

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