Friday, June 29, 2012

Enablers Of The G20 Abuses: The Police Services Board

The following is a brief excerpt from a comprehensive report by retired judge John Morden on the police brutality and abuses of Charter Rights committed during the June 2010 G20 Summit in Toronto. In it, he addresses the failure of the Toronto Police Services Board, headed by Alok Mukherjee:

“The board has limited its consultative mandate and has viewed it as improper to ask questions about, comment on, or make recommendations concerning operational matters,” said Morden.

“The board’s approach in this matter is wrong.”

In earlier times, of course, this magnitude of incompetence would have warranted resignations or dismissals.

Nowadays, sadly, it simply becomes a public relations challenge to overcome.

My understanding is that Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair will start the process of 'massaging' the report shortly with a news conference.

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