Monday, February 12, 2024

The Art Of Misdirection

 Well-played, Danielle.

H/t Graeme Mackay

Given that only 0.0037 of Albertans over 15 identify as transgender or non-binary, that is quite the feat!


  1. First question is; how many Albertans under the age of 15 identify as a/c d/c /efg?
    Early teens do have habit of identifying with obscure and anti establishment causes or the theme of the day?
    They often live long enough to regret that childhood fatuation.
    As for Smith; she is the bitch of the religious right with more than sprinkling of oil, grease and gas of the mega corporations !
    Smith with about a 1 % win over her ineffectual opposition is governing Alberta from the whims of a vocal , well organised minority of those that worship the great spaghetti monster in the sky!!
    For many years the religious nationalist zealots have through pure persistence have captured the direction of north american governments.
    Shame on the majority of voters that have their heads up their arse whilst discussing the latest Superbowl ad or Taylor Swifts knickers!!
    Are you disillusioned with today's politics?
    Then look at yourself!


    1. I couldn't agree more, TB. The fact that the crazies seem so often in the driver's seat is to our collective shame. While we allow ourselves to be diverted and consumed by inane trivialities, democracy burns.

      As to your other point, a very, very small minority of Albertans 15 and under are identifying themselves as trans, etc. They may, as you suggest, come to regret their choices, but at least puberty blockers are entirely reversible. The choice of whether or not to undergo surgical reassignment must be left to those who have reached the age of majority.