Tuesday, August 15, 2023

The "C" Word

No, I'm not referring either to cancer or a crude anatomical term. The "C" word of the day, and of many, many days ahead, I hope, is CORRUPTION, writ large when thinking about and referring to Ontario's Doug Ford's administration/cabal. Hard driving questions from the media, and a wealth of letters to the editor, suggest the Greenbelt theft is not going quietly into that good night. 

May the dog days of summer continue thus.

This is a fascinating back-and-forth between Minister Bethlenfalvy and journalists who push back hard. says Ontarians do care a lot about this issue— and presses on why the government doesn’t revisit the Greenbelt deal.

Ordinary Ontarians, who Ford minions claim to meet with everyday, are certainly not heedless of the stench of rot emanating from the government either:

Ford’s trust problems go far beyond the Greenbelt

I didn’t realize that senior fellows at the Fraser Institute had taken to comedy writing.

I literally laughed out loud when I read Josef Filipowicz’s column.

There is no way Premier Doug Ford can rebuild trust, and the issues go far beyond the Greenbelt giveaway: the spa no one wants at Ontario Place; moving the Science Centre from its iconic location; saying no one will ever need their credit card to access health care as reports of demands for personal payment multiply daily; underfunding our education system, including not bargaining in good faith with teachers; the emergency room closures, especially in rural areas, to name just a few examples.

People will not stay home when the next election rolls around.

Patricia Wilmot, Toronto

OPP investigation into Greenbelt deal is required

In what world is the “boss” not responsible for the actions of his underlings?

I find Premier Doug Ford’s and the minister of housing Stephen Clark’s statements concerning their staff’s involvement with real estate developers on the Greenbelt preposterous.

I believe an OPP investigation into this file is required.

Further more, these real estate developers do not build “affordable housing,” they build luxury homes on estate-sized lots; the Greenbelt offers great opportunity for this type of housing.

Jim Plant, Port Hope

Ford reneged on his promise and the deal he cut stinks

Premier Doug Ford vowed to leave the protected Greenbelt alone.

Here is what he promised: “The people have spoken. I’m going to listen to them, they don’t want me to touch the Greenbelt, we won’t touch the Greenbelt. Simple as that.”

Not only has he reneged on his promise, but the deal stinks and should be investigated by the RCMP.

What we need is recall regulation that would remove from office the likes of Ford and his cronies. We deserve much better from our representatives.

Norman Favro, Burlington

How can we the people trust anything Ford government does?

The auditor general’s report confirms what I and most of Ontario suspected. This government is corrupt. It is not “for the people” but rather for the ultra-rich cronies who are well connected.

In the case of the Greenbelt, the social contract has been broken.

How can we the people trust anything this government does? The whole premise of a housing “crisis” is a ruse. As outlined in the AG report, even the Ontario government acknowledged in 2022 that there was enough serviceable land outside the Greenbelt to meet the Ford government’s housing targets. We do have a crisis, but it’s really about affordability. If anyone thinks that building million-dollar single-family homes in suburban car-dependent cloisters will provide relief to homebuyers, and reduce the numbers of homeless people on our streets, dream on.

Giacomo Tonon, Willowdale

Finally, if you subscribe to the Toronto Star, be sure to read Martin Regg Cohn's column today. He notes, with interest, that neither the allegedly rogue chief of staff, Ryan Amato, nor his apparently incompetent boss, Municipal HJousing Minister Steven Clark, have been fired.

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