Wednesday, September 28, 2022

World News Day

Given that it is World News Day, a few reflections from the Star's former public editor, Kathy English, seem appropriate:

Trustworthy journalism is news and information that is accountable, accurate, fair, and produced in line with journalism’s highest ethical standards. That means correcting our mistakes when we err. It means making clear distinctions between fact and opinion. It demands centering diversity and inclusion in the subjects and sources on which we shine journalism’s light and in the corps of journalists who report the news.

World News Day is intended as an important reminder to the public of why journalism — at its best — matters. As journalists we have an obligation to explain to you the ethical standards that distinguish responsible journalism in the public interest from much of the noise of the net.

In 2019, English asked Star readers why journalism matters to them.

“In this age of the public’s acceptance of lies and misinformation coming at us from every direction we must be able to rely on at least one institution that respects the truth, forces public figures to answer to those who serve them and holds commitment to the public good as something to strive for,” wrote reader Leo Keeler.

 “It is my conviction that in a world without fact-based reporting, the powerless will have no voice, the powerful will not be held accountable and the public will never know the difference,” [Devan] Munn said.

And finally, Brittlestar has some thoughts:

It seems quite obvious; we can never claim to be well-informed if we don't use solid sources for our information. Traditional, well-vetted and legitimate journalism is our best chance at achieving that goal.


  1. I have HUGE CONCERNS..
    When MainMedia & Political Parties are ‘part n parcel’ of each other.. ie sleeping together ie ‘embedded’ within each other.. I have to recognize that as PARASITIC.. Symbiotic Parasitism

    Just roll in Funding via Vested Big Interest and a giant dollop of Organized Religion & what do we have here ? ! ?

    ‘They Call It Democracy’ Well of course THEY do !
    I call it The Modern Coup D’état Of a Nation & It’s Peoples

    Apologies re all the Caps & Block Letters. Those that know of me, also know I ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.. but they never doubt how ‘full of try’ I am. And when the question is ‘Canada’ my back-trail is damn clear - size 13 footprints all over this country

    It’s my current belief that as Canadians, we Need To Know exactly who has decided ‘Their Interests Take Precedence Over OUR COLLECTIVE INTEREST’ - aka Our Lives.. Our Directions.. Our Dreams, Needs & Wishes

    Like it or not.. I just described the ROLE of Pierre Poilievre, Doug Ford, Jason Kenney, Stephen Harper & Ray Novak, Jenni Byrne, Candice Bergen, Michael Cooper, Danielle Smith, Scott Moe. The list goes on & on & on. Who can even hope to keep track ?

    Our Parliamentary System is being systematically Groomed & Gooned. Our Elections are now contaminated. Policing now appears to be ‘factional’ .. if not indeed ‘fictional’

    I sure ain’t the guy with all the answers.. like Poilievre
    or the Smartest Guy In Every Room like Harper.. or Kenney
    but when I see SECRECY & UNACCOUNTABLE Partisanship financed by The Taxpayers Dime & wrapped in ‘Christian Camouflage’ - smoke & mirrors - fake news - endless Polls etc etc.. I know we are being robbed blind by self righteous thieves.

    If we can’t recognize Pierre Poilivre et al Inc for who they actually are.. then we don’t deserve a place like Canada or this planet .. this wondrous ‘spaceship earth’ & we certainly will not be doing a damn thing for our younger generations or those still to come

  2. I commented the other day in response to same-source news stories, Sal. It is lamentable that some journals will simply take the press releases of the usual suspects and run with them, which is when we tend to see, I think, the embeddedness to which you refer. There are of course other sources who I won't name calling themselves news which are essentially organs for the right-wing cause.

    Doing one's homework on the source of one's news is more important than ever.

  3. I am aware of the problem, Anon. Somehow Blogspot is considered to violate FB's community standards