Saturday, December 4, 2021

Let Those With Eyes See

This was posted by a FB friend. Its purpose, I hope, is self-evident.

😂😂😂 copied from another group I thought it was hilarious 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

I refuse to put on winter tires because:

This is my car, my choice, my freedom.

The effectiveness of winter tires isn't proven, unless it's from studies conducted by the manufacturers (you're surprised).

My neighbor Fernande was in an accident after putting her winter tires on.

Some are already at their 3rd game of tires, this proves their inefficiency.

We don't know what they are made of.

Tire giants scare us with winter just to get rich.

Btw, it was the tire giants who invented snow and spread it at night when you sleep.

If I have tires the government can follow me in the snow.

Educate yourself, open your eyes, stop being a sheep!

This year winter tires I say no!


  1. A cult of mutually reinforcing idiocy.

    1. I have nothing to add to your assessment, Mound.

  2. .. I believe the various humorous & satirical ‘pretzel logic’ of this and similar Beaverton level anologies were stirred by yet another Alberta boy genius Jason Kenney gaffe. He’s ‘the smartest guy in the room’ & in any Alberta room he disgraces

    He recently pronounced some bafflegarb rationale / logic that it was better to anticipate & change a Law in advance than offend or have to charge the potential or inevitable Albertan offenders

    What next ? Is there potential legislation accordingly ? Perchance will there be a retroactive forgiveness stipulation as well ? A Jason Kenney ‘get out of trouble’ Gold Pass ?

    It’s my view, that Canadians are witnessing a descent into ‘political fiefdom’ whenever we award a Majority Government to the likes of Jason Kenney, Doug Ford, or at Federal Levels, Justin Trudeau or his predecessor Stephen Harper

    The Famous Phrase - ‘you won’t recognize Canada when I’m through with it’ needs to be seriously considered in regard to Provincial Majority Governments currently.

    Our elected Public Servants riding to riding become only ‘the ticket to ride’ clap clap standing ovation performing seals for their ‘Leader’, their ideology and the extended & extensive inner cabals, vested interests, major donors, embedded MainMedia & integrated PR & Polling Agencies

    1. Majority government is the path to a democratic tyranny, Sal. Forgive the oxymoron, but, as you point out, there is very little room for those elected to truly represent their constituents. That's partly due to the structure of things, of course, but also because of the type of people who run for public office. Many get elected, not to serve but to begin their assent to the inner sanctum of power. That, of course, only has a chance of success if they show what 'team players' they are, the clapping like trained seals only part of the script. The only cure for that, it would seem, is having a more engaged electorate, but the chances of that happening are slight indeed.