Friday, April 16, 2021

A Stinging Indictment

The Covid numbers in Ontario today are grim: 4,812 new cases and 25 more deaths.

The following report by the CBC's Ellen Mauro places the blame precisely where it belongs: the massive incompetence/ideological intransigence of the Ford government in dealing with our ongoing Covid disaster.


  1. This is inevitable when you choose to serve so many masters - your political party, the Chamber of Commerce, and, lastly, the people of your province. That ensures you'll always be a dollar short and a day late. Why don't the people who elect people like Ford understand this?

    1. It is the curse of Ontario, Mound, the home of tired politics and singularly uninspired leaders.

    2. I don't think Ontario has a monopoly on that foolishness, Lorne.

    3. True, Mound, but we do seem to excel at it here.