Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Der Speigel And Donald Trump

The following was sent to me by a friend:

No American president has been more incendiary than Donald Trump. He has been the subject in recent years of 28 DER SPIEGEL cover stories. Many featured the work of illustrator Edel Rodriguez. The covers were often criticized as being exaggerated. Here are the most important ones.

As you will see, each of the covers represent an aspect of Trump that the world, much to its dismay, has come to know. You can see the full array of them, with links to cover stories, by going to their website:

                                            DER SPIEGEL, Issue 45/16 (Nov. 5, 2016)

"The Next President: The Script of a Tragedy"

DER SPIEGEL, Issue 46/16 (Nov. 12, 2016)

Madness: Donald Trump, America's Agitator

America First

Donald Trump's True Face

The Firestarter: A President Sets His Country on Fire

Trump's America: What Will Remain of Him Even If He Has to Go

All of which goes to show that a picture is indeed worth a thousand words.


  1. Anytime the right wing, or the mushy middle left that has enabled them over decades through triangulation tell you you've gone overboard, well, then you're probably spot on.

    1. Clearly they are a barometer of the times, Brian.

  2. I have found these Spiegel covers a bit inspirational in the particularly dark moments of the last four years.

    1. I have to confess I haven't been following them, but they certainly seem to know Trump very, very well.