Thursday, December 13, 2018

Which Will It Be, Apathy Or Outrage?

In my previous post about the Doug Ford OPP scandal, I wondered if people are still capable of collective outrage. It is a concern shared by The Star's Martin Regg Cohn:
... Ontarians are facing their own moment of truth as the layers of deception are peeled back from the premier’s alleged secret meddling over the next OPP chief. Doug Ford’s loyal chief.

The outgoing OPP chief has blown the whistle on Ford and Taverner. But are we listening?

Are Ontarians to be governed by the rule of law, or by the misrule of a miscreant who bends the rules and rewrites our laws? Shall our premier indulge his personal peccadilloes — in a customized camper paid for “off the books” to deceive taxpayers and lawmakers — and then cover his tracks?
And without question, there is much to be concerned about:
People of all political stripes and partisan colours cannot but be disgusted by the whiff of favouritism, the smell of meddling, and the stench of coverup, for this is not merely a matter of right or left, but reckless wrongdoing. This is not about ideology but idiocy.
Maybe he will get away with it. Possibly the public will put up with it. Perhaps the press will move on. Presumably the opposition will go on holiday. Ultimately the OPP will be transformed into the Ontario Premier’s Police.

And Ontarians will grow accustomed to their chief executive interfering in law enforcement at the very top, just like in America. Trump fired Comey, and Ford hired Taverner.
Fortunately, not everyone is giving Ford a pass on something that is looking increasingly felonious. In The Star's print edition, Ted Green of Ariss Ontario writes:
Re OPP head calls for Taverner review, Dec. 12

Rather naively, I have frequently thought how fortunate I am to live in a province absent the concerns of a turbulent, frightening leader as one can witness south of our border. My smugness is gone and we see more and more similarities in leadership styles now within the governance of our province and the U.S. The most recent concern is the government’s appointment of Premier Ford’s good friend Mr. Taverner as OPP Commissioner. This appointment is so far removed from passing a ‘smell test.’ One hopes the Office of the Ombudsman can remedy another area of a slippery slope that the premier seems to be leading us down.
As well, in another reminder of the vital role the press plays in a healthy democracy, The Star editorial board weighs in:
Of all the destructive things that Doug Ford has wrought since his government took office at the end of June, surely none is worse than the damage he has inflicted on the credibility of Ontario’s most important police force.

Of course, there’s an awful lot of competition. Weakening rules on the environment, axing crucial watchdog positions, sabotaging Toronto’s municipal election, undermining Hydro One... the list goes on.

But naming an old Ford family friend to be commissioner of the Ontario Provincial Police, manipulating the rules along the way and putting the independence of the force at risk, takes the cake.
So what will it be from the citizens of Ontario? Will it be apathy or outrage, a submissive shrug of the shoulders or a long-lasting and productive anger at a man (and his minions) who now sees the entire province as his and his backroom friends' personal fiefdom?

The answer to that question is of vital consequence both to the province and to the state of democracy today.


  1. The graphic at the to pretty much sums it up dont it Lorne?

  2. It tells us all we need to know, Rural.

  3. Tell me more about Dougie's deluxe camper van that's off the books!

    If Ontarians had the balls the French are showing against government from intellectually-on-high by a Morneau neoliberal clone bureaucrat, the province would be racked by hardcore demonstrations against Fraud. Of course, he's the opposite of Macron in outlook and deed, seeking personal fame and fortune rather than giving a sh!t about fellow citizens despite the usual protestations to the contrary.

    If your fellow citizens in Ontario don't show the Fraudster he's on the wrong path by demonstrating, he'll continue on in the same vein being the supreme arsehole he so undoubtedly is. He'll run right over dweebs trying to shame him with mere words, laughing his head off. This is not a honourable man, nor do his cabinet ministers strike me as having any better grasp of ethics. One may reasonably assume they're all open to influence peddling, because only one MLA has had the grace to resign, and none of the others have proffered a peep against Fraud's outrageous behaviour. Good luck.


    1. I fear your analysis of hat lies ahead is all too accurate, BM. I am at a loss to understand the apathy that seems to pervade Ontario, given what we have to contend with. I had coffee yesterday with a friend and told him that I now know how Americans with intellect and moral compasses must feel abut Trump in the U.S.

      I am feeling a tad ashamed today to be living in this province, which is quickly taking on some of the characteristics of a banana republic.