Saturday, December 29, 2018

Think Again, Canada

I sometimes feel that many Canadians are complacent about climate change, assuming that we will somehow be protected from the worst of its effects. As this CTV 2018 weather review amply illustrates, such thinking is unforgivably naive:


  1. .. Canadians are bombarded.. not just by climate change, but its deniars. I often wonder at the fringe in Mainstream Media, Organized Religion and Political Parties. I suppose its about catering to 'the base' (whomever they are) for votes & polls or just plain selling out to stupidity. Flat earth, conspiracy wanking.. chauvanism, secretive or closet kinkiness.. who knows what fuels such idiocy ?

    Canadians are beset by false political panderers, sellouts, split tongued parasites & truly dubious bullshit artists. Our political party 'leaders' have either sold the most 'retail party memberships' or won on the 13th ballot (Scheer) to prevent the ascension of Bernier.. or the airy fairy Jagmeet Singh who did the same, just like Patrick Brown.. But WAIT ! There's more ! The crown prince Kenney, a wondrous match to Dough Ford, who navigates behind the facade of 'ForThePeople' to 'develop' The Green Belt.. condos and subdivisions no doubt.. for those who want to escape congested Toronto & its random gunfire

    Trudeau skidded in via the void of Harper's stale mealiness.. just as Ford did and I assume Horgan in BC. Notely was a breath of fresh air.. (for a while) until Big Oil got a leash on her.. but after Ms Redford's truly final royal silliness was a welcome alternative.. Welcome to 'public service' a la Tony Clement.. the 'new norm'

    1. The basis for hope becomes increasingly slim, Sal. Far too many so-called adults in the room are wiling to pander to the lowest common denominator, most of whom have never met a sweet lie they won't eagerly accept over a bitter truth.