Thursday, July 12, 2018

Amerika's Formula For Success

As noted the other day, the United States or, as I like to call it, Trump's Amerika, no longer even bothers to conceal its contempt for the rest of the world. It's disgraceful threats at the the United Nations-affiliated World Health Assembly against Ecuador for sponsoring a resolution to encourage breastfeeding, thereby reducing the profits of the corporate behemoths that produce baby formula exemplifies its shameless corporate thralldom.

Today, Star letter-writers weigh in on the magnitude of Amerika's crime against newborns:
The World Health Organization estimates that 800,000 child deaths worldwide each year could be prevented by breastfeeding.

A 2016 Harvard study found that 3,340 infant and maternal deaths a year could be prevented by breastfeeding in the U.S. alone. In Third World countries where destitute moms dilute formula, often with dirty water, the rates are much higher.

They want their infants to look like the pictures of healthy babies on the advertising they are given by sales people dressed as medical professionals. So why would Trump threaten to withdraw military and other aid to Ecuador if they put forth a resolution supporting breastfeeding at the World Health Assembly?

Because Third World countries are areas of major growth for Nestlé and Abbott Nutrition, and they are big Trump supporters.

It is once again time to boycott the products from both of these companies, like we did in the 1980s. It helped then. Let’s make a difference now.

Gail Rutherford, Toronto

It is indeed stunning, but probably not surprising, that the Trump government would threaten countries with punishing trade measures to support American business interests against a breastfeeding policy that experience and science have proven to saves lives. Baby formula kills when mixed with polluted water that can be the only water available.

The U.S. is going back to the days when the American government would wage wars and depose elected governments to support an American company. We must acknowledge that Trump is at war with the rest of the world — except for the other strongarm dictators.

Ian McLaurin, Port Perry, Ont.


  1. As the NATO summit recently illustrated yet again, Lorne, with Trump it's all about the money.

    1. it is the only currency he understands, Owen. Real leadership is clearly beyond him.

  2. "The Trump administration had no intention of reuniting the children with their families….so that leads to a question…with no plan for reunification…what were they going to do with the children. What Were They Going To Do With 3000 Children..has anyone asked this question??

    — Pretty Foot (@PrettyFootWoman) July 12, 2018"

    Sex trafficing networks underneath Poppa John's Pizza's?

    Indenured servitude and forced agricultural labour?

    Replacing the Russian baby trafficing market?

    1. Trump's Amerika would likely see all of those possibilities as viable entrepreneurial opportunities, Jay.

    2. The thing with the " KKKonservatives", is that everything with them is projection.

      Trump Model Agency tor example.