Monday, May 21, 2018

UPDATED: What The Fossil Fuel Industry (And People Like Justin Trudeau) Want To Keep You In The Dark About

Methinks most of us can all use a bit of good news.

UPDATE: For an interesting answer to those who claim that renewable energy cannot be relied upon in all situations, take a look at this article.


  1. I have struggled to figure out why Harper and Trudeau were so bent on this deal to the point of resorting to outright lies and evasion. Why? What are they up to? They're not doing it for my benefit and I doubt they're doing it for your benefit. There has to be some interest they're going to such lengths to benefit or protect. Who, what? Look at Trudeau 2015 and contrast that to Trudeau 2018. That's a lot of pretty diametric change. A seismic shift. No one has explained what went on with this prime minister to cause such a radical deviation. This guy needs to come clean. He owes us some honest answers.

    The Precautionary Principle is the law of Canada. The government bears the onus of proving that this pipeline/supertanker venture is safe. They're not even pretending to respond to that onus. To them, it's irrelevant.

    Trudeau says his government has "done the science." The Royal Society says they haven't. Even his own Environment ministry admits they haven't. Either he's lying or those two bodies are lying and, it it's them, all he has to do is produce "the science" he claims his government has that shows this is safe. Again, the onus is on him and he's ignoring it.

    BC Green leader, Andrew Weaver, himself a climate scientist and professor, knows the feds have a report on the dangers of a dilbit spill in the ocean and yet they won't release it. Weaver has demanded it. Trudeau, again, won't produce it.

    I can't understand how Liberals will put their leader and their party ahead of Canada. Yet they do.

    1. What you write here, Mound, is essentially a deep indictment of the people who have assumed 'leadership' in our country, aided and abetted, of course, by the party and corporate apparatchik. I am currently reading a book called, "Are We Screwed?" by young Canadian journalist GeoFF Dembicki. Subtitled "How A New Generation Is Fighting Climate Change."

      While his message about youth activism is heartening, as I sit on my deck reading it and watching the birds flitting about, my own little oasis, I grow angry at how the corporate world and the truly wealthy are doing their best to destroy that oasis (a microcosm, of course) future generations should be able to enjoy. I feel the frustration of young people, who are becoming increasingly aware of the world coming their way, and while I will not be here for the worst of it, I grieve over the sellout our generation and our current crop of neoliberals are responsible for.

  2. I forgot the point I intended to make. Yes, alternative energy, particularly wind and solar is beginning to undercut fossil energy prices but the transition from gas/oil/coal will require government support. These shifts always do.

    If this government was remotely sincere about decarbonizing our economy all it needs to do is give the alternative energy industry the same subsidies it affords the fossil energy industry. What plausible excuse could they have for not doing that as a bare minimum? If they can't find a source of funds, tack the clean energy subsidy cost onto the carbon price. Easy, peasy. Why shouldn't fossil energy consumers, myself included, pay a little more to give a leg up to the clean energy sector?

    1. As your blog post makes clear, Mound, Canada is a nation captured by the fossil-fuelers. The Trudeau government has made it eminently easy for them to pursue their agenda.