Sunday, May 20, 2018

Setting The Record Straight

Robert Reich is one of America's true heroes. He seems indefatigable in his efforts to educate the American public as a counter to the lies and distortions of Donald Trump. Given the prodigious challenges involved in bringing people toward the light, I have no idea where he gets either his resolve or his energy.

The following is but one example of his work:


  1. Robert Reich is a neoliberal fraud. Trump is trying to bring a living wage to Mexicans by forcing Mexican oligarchs to pay autoworkers $15/hr. As opposed to $3/hr.

    Instead of embracing this golden opportunity workers have been waiting on for decades, Reich backs hemispheric open borders and flooding America with cheap labor. Then calls people who disagree with him "racists." How disgusting!

    Neolibs and neoprogs are senseless. (I mean the ones not taking bribes.)

    Their position is to bring all 6-billion poor people across the world into the West to "raise their living standards" – although they end up dumping them in inner-city slums from London to LA.

    It's doesn't get more dumb than that.

    It only makes sense to export Western living standards to the undeveloped world. To force fascist oligarchs to pay their workers more – a lot more – via Fair Trade.

    Fair Trade has been the labor position all along. Robert Reich opposes Fair Trade and supports free-trade globalization. He is the enemy of working people across North America – across the globe. He is what workers call a "scab."

    What a disgusting pretender! What a disgusting SCAB!

    1. really, anon, "the ones taking bribes." Have you looked at Michael Cohen's bank statements or how Qatari money greased Jared's butt cheeks.

      Trump doesn't give a shit about fair trade. He thinks trade isn't fair unless the United States comes away with a trade surplus and he'll contrive evidence to bolster his claims. How much of Trump merch is made in low wage countries? How much of Ivanka's merch is made in low wage countries?

      Trump is a reeking gutload of hypocrisies and you people, Trump's Gullibillies are so willfully blind you don't see them. Then, having cleansed your small minds of everything that doesn't fit with your puerile narrative, you get into spewing nonsensical buzzwords.

      All praise the serial sexual predator! Your Deviant in Chief obviously appeals to you. He's a degenerate and everyone knows it. An addled degenerate who can't even read his briefing summaries. A reprobate who screws pornstars without a condom and then hurries back to have at the missus. Must make you proud, eh?

    2. You clearly have some strong views here, Anon. Allow me to respond to only one of your points.

      You seem to accord a very altruistic motivation to Trump in making his wage demands, demands that could never have been taken seriously by the Mexicans. What really prompted his demand was his desire to reduce the price advantage for manufacturers to go to Mexico to produce cars rather than remain in the U.S.

  2. The world has gone mad. Mad as in becoming incapable of distinguishing reality from delusion, truth from lies. It's like a life or death game of pinball played with one broken flipper. Lorne, consider the mess we're in - politically, economically, environmentally, civilizationally. Then think of great leaders of the past, the real legends. Hercules cleaned the Augean stables but I'm not sure anyone could dung out this mess.

    1. When we most need it, Mound, real leadership, not the political expediency that passes for leadership today, is entirely absent from the world stage.