Sunday, February 18, 2018

On Political Prostitution

As the spectacle of political prostitution plays out in the Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership race (Carbon tax? Absolutely not!) (New efficiencies - not new taxes!) Star letter writer Norah Downey of Midland appears to have taken the full measures of the candidates:
PC party sitting down to eat itself alive, Cohn, Feb. 16

After hearing the Progressive Conservative leadership candidates present their arguments indicating why he or she is best to lead their party into the next election — nicely summed up in Martin Regg Cohn’s column — I have a suggestion for the party.

Along with voting to choose a leader on March 10, party members should vote to change the official name of the party. “Progressive” needs to be dropped. It really is just the “Conservative” party, or perhaps the “Stuck in the Past Conservative” party — because things were so much better in the past when Mike Harris trimmed the fat by slashing welfare payments and freezing minimum wage.

It’s 2018, with challenges such as climate change, precarious employment, people unable to find affordable housing and daycare, a growing dependency on food banks and our youth often misinformed about sex learned from the internet and social media.

We need leaders who are prepared to tackle these problems for the betterment of our society. I fear none of these four dinosaurs are up to the challenge.


  1. Provincial politics is pretty bizarre out here, Lorne, but I'm amazed at how your leadership - Liberal, Conservative and NDP - so consistently screw up. Horwath is a screw up. Wynne has everyone pissed off over the Hydro fiasco. Now the Tories shoot themselves in the foot. It's a good thing Ontario voters won't be given a "none of the above" option on the next ballot.

    1. To be totally honest, Mound, I am thinking of declining my ballot in the upcoming election, something I have never done before.

  2. .. what we are seeing is career partisan political animals becoming 'leaders' of political parties by selling more retail party memberships. Its basically how Jagmeet Singh & Patrick Brown won party conventions. Of course one has to collect the vote of the new members, at the correct time via electronic voting or ballot stuffing. Then what? Oh, talking points and incessant feeding of mainstream media to win the 'hearts & minds' of families (always the families.. especially 'hard working families') It become laughable insulting bafflegarb

    It seems PC MPP Hillier may blow Patrick Brown out of the water soon. Wanting to know how party memberships sailed from 14,000 to 200,000 - A major issue being boxes upon boxes of memberships.. many incomplete & where is the money? That sounds & smells like election fraud. We have heard little from his party since Patrick declared total vindication & that he had cleared his name & would be suing the arse off CTV (who told him to stuff it or bring it on)

    The other 4 contenders? Spare me.. Two are opportunists. One a well meaning elder, the other a famous name trying to jump into politics. Meanwhile, this is a dumpster fire.. media fanning the flames. Public servants? Hardly

    1. A far-too accurate assessment of the current state of affairs here, Sal. I also heard on the news tonight that Hillier says $700,000 of membership fees went missing under Brown's watch.