Thursday, February 1, 2018

A Primer On Trump's Mendacity

You probably don't need this, but it is an incisive analysis of the multitude of lies that permeated Trump's State of the Union Address.


  1. The worst part about it Lorne, is, I think Trump really believes that what he is saying is the truth. The deep state has a president who will do their bidding for whatever neoliberal policy they want implemented and implemented to the fullest.

    If that's not bad enough, Trump actually believes that the austerity and the financial plundering of the American taxpayer is a good thing! He brags about the deregulation that he has implemented as if cutting rules and regulations that give the government and/or the people some kind of control over industry and previously legislated entities like consumer protection is something to be rid of.

    Trump has completely turned the power of governing over to the corporate elite and the generals. They in turn tell him what to do.He is going to do whatever it takes to deliver their neoliberal post nation market state. The same is happening in Canada.

    1. Respect for truth has probably been the biggest casualty thus far in Trump's presidency, Pamela. The superficial, the mendacious and the grossly distorted have all been elevated to the status of golden idols, thereby allowing the corporate agenda to continue its outright pillaging of the common good.