Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Not Good Enough

PM Justin Trudeau says he's satisfied with Liberal fundraiser Stephen Bronfman's explanation of his ties to offshore accounts, but Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer calls those remarks inappropriate.

The Prime Minister is either tone deaf, intellectually challenged, or truly and inextricably linked to the values represented by the world of the Bronfmans that he can so facilely accept the reassurance of scion Stephen that everything is above board.

Surely the Conservative Opposition, which I loathe, has a valid point here:

Nothing to see here, indeed.


  1. Read the Toronto Star story about CRA officials briefing accountants on ways to use offshore trusts to benefit their wealthy clients ( like the Bronfmans ). This was in 2013 under Harper when wee andy was front and centre. I'm afraid the reformatories are truly hypocritical on the issue and are ensnarling some naive commentators.are

    1. I saw that, rumleyfips. A Global Affairs official even gave a lobby group some talking points to advance the case for offshore havens. Truly shameful.