Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Can't Say We Weren't Warned

But then, it's all a hoax anyway, isn't it?


  1. How many will watch this animation and see beyond the surface flooding? There's a lot going on in these images including saltwater inundation of fresh groundwater resources, storm and sanitary sewer systems including pumping stations overwhelmed, electricity and gas grids defeated, disrupted communications, public safety and emergency services overtaxed, the spread of pathogens and waterborne diseases, economic dislocation, predatory crime such as looting, internally displaced populations many of whom will have lost everything - on and on and on.

    1. The saddest part is, Mound, that even if they only understood the extremely flooding depicted in the video and not the underlying horrors you articulate here, it still would make no difference in anyone's habits or thinking.

  2. .. Mound hits at what is not obvious.. but instead is likely by far, the most consequential. Even if by divine intervention (I jest) the great christian god or a swamp draining fool & fraud spared The Americas 'bigly' from the seas rising.. it would staggar the imagination to comprehend the mass exodus to higher ground.. and perceived safety.

    I have long maintained.. that 'when they come' .. not if they come .. Canadadians' trust in our puny border patrol or coastal patrol & that they will not be stressed or strained.. ? that will be proven laughable. They will simply be over run.. stampeded and rendered useless.

    Perhaps the environmental refugees who are also escaping the terrors of countries beset by disaster disease factionalism and related crime will find shelter in those wondrous speculators houses that are empty in Vancouver.. ?

    As the world we live in twists and contorts - groans aloud - from climate failure.. so will the earth's survivors.. us and our descendants. If you (or they) can eat your money, stock portfolio or real estate or high end autos, or golf club memberships.. well then, grab forks and knifves and dig in!

    We are seeing just the very slightest taste.. via refugees from war, strife, poverty & disease risking their lives truing to get to Italy or Greece etc .. millions upon millions now.. displaced, starving, migrating or festering in refugee camps.

    There are 5 year olds who's earliest memories are from.. indeed were born in the camps, on the treks, or afloat on the voyages that only start their great journeys.. ! Their Exodus..

    On a sadder note Lorne.. I have purposely pretended even in this comment, that 'tactical' nuclear weapons are not yet in the hands of the mobile and arial militaries likely to feud in our lifetimes.. which is a bald faced lie of omission

    These are of course the el freako squad level, hand held smart shells and rockets. I must refresh myself re their range & 'yield'. Of course they can be used in tank warfare as well as delivered via drone or aircraft.

    My point being.. the likelihood that the homelands are radioactive, at levels far higher than Chernobyl...

    Bonzai .. ! eh ?

    1. I think your commentary demonstrates very aptly the mess we are responsible for, Salamander. Funny, isn't it, how we have squandered our potential? We could have been so much more than the pathetic species we became.