Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Enbridge Shirks Its Moral Responsibility

The National Observer reports the following:
Enbridge Inc. will save $22,000 after convincing Canada's pipeline enforcement agency that it shouldn't have been punished for failing to help neighbouring landowners with property damage.

The savings will come after the National Energy Board agreed to water down a $100,000 penalty for significant damage that Alberta-based Enbridge, Canada's largest pipeline company, caused to farmland property in southwestern Manitoba during replacement work on its Line 3 pipeline in 2014.

In a newly-released decision posted on its website, the National Energy Board confirmed that it was reducing the $100,000 fine - related to the damage caused by Enbridge — to $78,000, agreeing that the rules used to impose the fine only require pipeline operators to provide "reasonable assistance" to the regulator and not the private landowners.
I'm sure all Canadians will rest easier tonight, knowing that our beleaguered oil industry is getting special consideration during these most difficult times.


  1. Using Enbridge in the same sentence as "moral responsibility"
    is a non sequitur, Lorne. Enbridge, however, always lives up to the letter of whatever it is compelled by force or threat of punishment to do. Ask the good folks of Kalamazoo.

    1. Too, too true, Mound. It is an inconvenient truth that one hopes large numbers of people will take note of.