Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Echoing His Master's Voice?

People who read my blog regularly may have noticed that lately I have been posting videos and images more than I have been writing. The fact of the matter is that as a political junkie I have overdosed, something I suspected might happen due to this ridiculously long election campaign. Hardened cynic though I am, even I can take only so much of the obviously cheap and manipulative politicking that occurs during such a campaign, a campaign decidedly lacking in scope and vision, one that abjectly fails to address the real crises we face. Each leader, with the exception of Elizabeth May, is content to tinker around the edges at best, and leave the issues that require both adult discussion and adult, mature Canadian engagement, unacknowledged and unaddressed.

So I feel tired, and may, (or may not) write less frequently for a while.

Here is a story that to me, is emblematic of the dysfunctionality of those who represent us and one of the reasons I am losing heart: the stoking of fear, at which the Conservatives excel, is obvious here.
In a video obtained by the Star, Daniel offered this warning to voters in Don Valley North: “So I think there is a different agenda going on in terms of these refugees.

“Whereas at the same time Saudi Arabia is putting up money for 200 mosques in Germany I think the agenda is to move as many Muslims into some of these European countries to change these countries in a major way.

“That is something that I certainly don’t want to see happening in Canada. I think Canada is the greatest country in the world.”

Mr. Daniel refused, of course, to be interviewed by The Star about his comments.


  1. Surprise, surprise!

    This is how Harper wins. His governance and election campaigns consistently indicate a reflexive recognition of latent sentiment in segments within the uninformed-and-undecided. The opposition doesn't ever see it coming; they don't even see it when it's happening right before their noses. When he provokes they respond with platitudes and pronouncements that play into his game plan.

    Never mind Lynton Crosby and Patrick Muttart. Except to fine-tune the spreadsheets, he doesn't need them. And never mind his so-called base; he's got them come what may. What he's after is whomever he can inspire from among the horrible ten to twenty percent - the most unengaged and disinterested, who sit awaiting a smack on their flat foreheads by any single simplistic issue of sufficient provocativeness to penetrate their thick skulls. This isn't dog-whistling; it's carnival barking.

    Step right up. Niqabs, refugees or Omar Khadr's day in court: take your pick or play them all at once. Message passed.

    1. I fear that your searing assessment is all too accurate, John.

  2. You're probably completely bored. There is only so much mediocrity you can observe and speculate on, before it zaps your energy and life force. Funnily enough, I saw Van Morrison live in Toronto on Sunday and one of the songs he sang, which really stood out was "Keep Mediocrity at Bay" I was amazed how the lyrics described mine and I'm sure many others state of mind, in trying to deal with entrenched mediocrity,including in the election. Do whatever you need to do Lorne, your blog is always interesting.

    1. Thank hou, Pamela. "Entrenched mediocrity" seems like the perfect description of our times.