Saturday, January 10, 2015

Star Readers Respond To Eric Balkind

Earlier in the week, I reproduced a Star letter-to-the-editor written by Eric Balkind, who urged the other federal political leaders to amalgamate their parties as the best way to stop Stephen Harper in the next election.

That letter has provoked a number of equally well-considered letters, all worth reading, published in today's edition. Here are but two of them:
Kudos to Eric Balkind for telling it like it is. Without a doubt there are many Canadians who agree with what he writes as well as his prescription for what ails Canada: forming a new party of political moderates ahead of the coming election in order to defeat the Harper Conservatives.

Since these politicians no longer call themselves “Progressive Conservatives,” let alone govern in that spirit, it would be fitting to call the new party the “Progressive Party of Canada.” This would clearly distinguish the party and include the Green Party — which has much to contribute to a worthy vision of Canada — rather than exclude it with the name “Liberal Democrats.”

To echo Balkind, Canadians desperately need party leaders Justin Trudeau, Thomas Mulcair and Elizabeth May to put the country’s well-being ahead of their parties’ interests. Many of us fervently hope that these honourable politicians are including that conversation in their new year’s resolutions.

Salvatore (Sal) Amenta, Stouffville

John Blake, of Picton, Ontario, has a different approach, one that I favour for the 2015 contest; it is a strategy that, given the bald thirst for power both Messieurs Trudeau and Mulcair have, seems a tad more likely to be seriously entertained:
It is unrealistic to think that the NDP and Liberal parties would even consider amalgamation. Neither Mulcair nor Trudeau became leaders of their parties only to oversee the demise of his party.

With the election looming the Conservatives are in a commanding position and will probably win because they have a large bank account ready to finance the many vicious attack ads they will use against their opponents. There will be 30 new federal seats and, because of demographics, the Conservatives will win at least 14 of them and possibly more — vote splitting will give the Conservatives many more seats. Add this to their core vote and Harper will win quite possibly with a majority.

What the NDP and Liberal parties need to do is not amalgamate but co-operate on those seats that the Conservatives will probably win due to the split vote. If the NDP and Liberals co-operate and field just one candidate in such seats then there is a good chance of getting more than the 35 per cent who voted Conservative.

This would almost certainly lead to a minority government whose first order of business should be the introduction of a voting system that truly reflected the voting intentions of the people of Canada.
May what is best for Canada prevail over personal ambition!


  1. .. thanks for the letters.. its gratifying to read coherent concerned Canadians thoughts. The contrast between their perspectives and that of Harper partisans a la Fred DeLorey's canned fervor is startling.

    I wonder whether the various strategies can be employed effectively, or on time, if ever. Who knows whether Mulcair, Trudeau etc and their parties are even capable of such cooperation.. or truly cognizent of the implications of another Harper driven four year calamity?

    I usually preface my views with the stark reminder that the majority of Canadians have ZERO idea what Harper, his Reformatory party, his government, his PMO and secret groomers and plumbers are up to in readying for the next federal election.

    I am not referring to the obvious, the tax gifts, the mealy ads, the eventual attack ads, the puffed up pronouncements, the mainstream media complicity and kowtowing.. No, I am talking about the manipulations, grooming, gaming, probable fraud and dark arts of vote suppression, vote moving, Robo & Live calling, bingo card analysis that is undoubtably already being organized and polished for use.

    I believe this story has yet to be told in new ways, such that Canadians and mainstream media truly get a horrible whiff of how this rogue creation really functions, their complete absence of Canadian Values, the deceit and conceit that its 'just politics' ..

    The connected points of how we ended up with Election Fraud in at least 240 ridings, that the environment of Canada was then attacked via omnibus bills, that Parliament itself came under attack via Closure, Cabinet Confidence, Secrecy, Obstruction.. that one person's ideology supplanted Government For The People.. This is a story that needs to resonate and spread.

    Yes.. Mike Duffy may blow Harper out of the water. A single robocrank may tell tales. An unsatisfied backbencher may grow a pair or corruption may be exposed from a surprising source.. but we need to tell the real story, the overall story.. of a rogue Government that can't stop any more.. they are in too deep.

    1. I agree completely with both your analysis and prescription, Salamander.

      Next week, when I hope to have more time, I first want to explore in depth the links you have provided me with, as well as cobble your recent comments into a post. Then, perhaps we can further explore your ideas and get input from other readers as to the best way to proceed and the most effective ways to inform/remind the populace at large what has been happening to Canada under Harper's vile ministrations.

  2. .. perhaps I'll send you a tweet with an email addy. I do like back channels

    1. Please feel free to do so, Salamander.