Sunday, January 18, 2015

Egg On His Car

... but not on his face. Yes, our peripatetic and staunch, uncritical supporter of all things Israeli, Foreign Minister John Baird, was spared the ultimate humiliation during a visit to the West Bank city of Ramallah today to meet with Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki.

The protesters, who were waiting as Baird left Malki's office, were kept well back and Baird was not hit, authorities say. One media report says only one of the eggs landed on the roof of his car.

Protesters held signs reading: "Baird you are not welcome in Palestine."
Here is some raw footage of the event, which many Canadians will look upon rather wistfully, I suspect, given that at home, members of the Harper regime have a far more nuanced relationship with the public, appearing only before carefully vetted, friendly groups:


  1. .. that professional political animal, John Baird is way out there, pimping the political ideology of gasbag Stephen Harper.. and one supposes, his own matching ideology.

    With little real credibility or values, this coward & shrill partisan spouts the Harper Reformatory Alliance lie. To presume a majority of Canadians agree with them, trust them.. seems far from the truth. But that's the out of their heads spaces that Harper, Baird, Clement, Oliver et al function in. Its their own sociopathic party space.. and that of anyone who enables them.

    Canada needs a functional responsible diplomat representing the views, beliefs and values of Canada. Someone with integrity. Not a hysterical closeted hack quite comfortable living the deceptions and delusions of Stephen Harper. That our Diplomacy & Foreign Policy is now just about Exports, Trade Deals.. & the vaunted Energy Economy of resource stripping is an insult to all Canadians

    That Canada has become the 'Liberia' of mining interests & foreign conglomerates is a booming signal not to be missed. If the so called Harper Government sees this twisted Resource/Diplomacy policy as acceptable, we should not be surprised at their willingness to trash environment, habitat, species & condone polluting across the entire country..

    That's not 'nation building' or 'strong capable leadership'..
    Its poisoning & diluting democracy.. this was an election promise?
    & its deceitful situational ethics being fed to us.. as if our ethics
    and I say its BULLSHIT .. This is a rogue failed government

    1. I doubt anyone reading this blog would disagree with any part of your trenchant assessment of the regime, Salamander. The question is, do sufficient numbers of Canadians have sufficient remaining self-respect to challenge Harper's hateful and exploitative ways?

  2. Baird is Harper's international scold. For a supposed practitioner of the dark arts of diplomacy, Baird is utterly devoid of the sine qua non attribute, nuance. It's a black and white world to Harper-Baird, ideologically driven, which is why Baird so often resembles nothing so much as a 50's era Soviet foreign minister.

    1. Life must be so much easier in many ways for the ideologically-simple,Mound. I'm sure Baird sleeps well at night, untroubled as he is by complexity.

  3. Untroubled by thinking to Lorne. All of his ideology is faith based, including his neo-liberal beliefs. The Palestinians have the right idea. He has a lot of nerve to even show his face there. I wonder what the real reason is that brings him to Palestine.

    1. A very good question, Pamela. I just checked back on the link and found this:

      Baird's statement says he asked Malki to "strongly reconsider the consequences of moving forward with any action that may be counterproductive to a negotiated solution with the State of Israel."

      Well, I guess that dispels any hope that the Conservatives were emerging from their ideological ghetto in making the trip.