Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Good News For Those Who Believe Stephen Harper Is Good For Canada


  1. .. off topic ? Maybe ..

    But have a read here, Lorne


    Although there are truly stellar books written and underway
    & at least one extremely effective documentary film in progress
    ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HKOLxJn9DhI
    'Election Day in Canada - When Voter Suppression Comes Calling' )
    regarding Vote Suppression and Election Fraud.. it occurs to me that there are other ways and means to bring into sharp focus, the dirty discouraging reality of the Harper Conspiracy.

    Yes our current government calls itself The Harper Government.. but in reality it has become a rogue government and political party.. running a vast conspiracy, hiding in plain sociopathic sight.. gaming and grooming Canada and Canadians to achieve some twisted ideological goal.. To even contemplate describing the people in charge.. or involved or complicit.. as Canadians with Canadian Values, seems ludicrous.

    So here we are now, in early 2015.. with an election theoretically coming.. and Canadians have ZERO idea what this government & its subservient mechanism, The 'Conservative' Party are planning.. to game another federal election.

    So I wonder if something along the lines of 'Serial' at http://serialpodcast.org/
    could be mounted & begin generating the 'story' we all know is unfolding.. and the story of how it became so dark, ugly and secretive.

    Crazy as it seems.. maybe such a powerful tale could be funded and achieve massive distribution via iTunes as well as other outlets. Certainly there is no shortage of credible Canadians who could contribute to the creation of this.

    I may cross post this idea.. would like to get some opinion, discussion etc
    My expertise & background is freelance Photo/Video & Writing.. but we have a wealth of folks excelling at investigative journalism - Indy & Mainstream & Unemployed.. fundraisers & production/post production experts

    Let me know what you think.. Its the Idea & Mechanism of 'Serial' that caught my attention.. The truly original 'Story' of course is right there in front of us.. the victims, the crimes, the dirtbags, the authorities, fraud, the media .. all heading toward what will unfold as a grotesque 'Fair Elections' fiction
    - The 2015 Federal Election of Canada

    1. Many thanks, Salamander. I will check out the links, and I certainly would like to pursue your ideas here. I'll comment more extensively later.

  2. Jellyfish don't have hearts either, which would explain Harper's treatment of veterans (or wounded soldiers he had sent to Afghanistan), presumably with the support of his base.

    And then there is that part about their not having any bones either. Think about the closet episode, eh?