Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

With the dawning of 2014, may the new year see increasing numbers of Canadians who:

REJECT the Conservative Party of Canada and its efforts to excise the heart and soul of our country;

RENEW their faith in a fair, just and compassionate Canada

REENGAGE in the democratic and political process as agents of change

RECLAIM both the heritage and the potential that has made Canada unique in the world.


  1. .. these are powerful, clear goals .. roadmaps to progress

    especially impressive, in that they are positive, progressive and attainable..
    .. things, actions and good strong, simple steps Canadians can act on or initiate..
    or contemplate daily, or weekly.. on impulse or with advance or growing intent..

    I often think of Montreal Simon in this way.. and how he has chosen to create a daily consequential and unique reportage of the current Canadian..
    Daily ... !!

    So many other exemplars doing so in their own unique Canadian way..
    just as Marshall McLuhan predicted ! Broadcasting from their outposts !

    .. The sad, weak, shallow narcissism of Harper and his ethically crippled cadre
    so pale & transient.. like a cold nightmare
    compared to glowing heart exemplars.. true Canadians ..

    Tell me truly, Lorne ..
    If one of your closest friends or family approached you..
    and suggested their daughter or son, or niece or nephew or cousin
    had been offered an 'entry level' position ..
    with either Damien Gillis .. or Jason Kenney.. what would you answer ?
    or with David Schindler.. or Barbara Shea ?
    or assisting Ray Novak or Andy Nikoforuk
    Joe Oliver or David Suzuki ..
    hang with MoS or with Ezra Levant

    Rhetorical questions.. having followed your reportage.. and observations
    but these are the dividing lines we must accentuate and educate about
    and your crisp, point form goals are priceless !

  2. Thank you, Salamander. Your ideas and observations are a great way to start off the new year, and exemplify the need, as you point out, to speak to our fellow Canadians, not from a lofty perch, but from the concerns and imperatives everyone can relate to. Your contrast of names taps into the power that both knowledge and symbol (especially with David Suzuki, a Canadian icon if there ever was one) can confer.

    I read a recent post from Owen at Northern Reflections in which he provided a link to a Tyee article written a few years ago by Murray Dobbin, ( and he makes the following point:

    The Left, writes Dobbin, needs a radical vision of community. It needs to rise above rationalism and appeal to the common good and to common decency.

    That is the soul of the Canada I know and love, and it is that soul that we have to work hard to recapture.

  3. Happy New Year, my friend.

    I hope all your wishes come true.

    1. Thank you, LD, and the same right back at you!

  4. As salamander points out, Lorne, we still have choices -- and those choices make a difference.

    1. And the more people who realize this, Owen, the stronger our country can be.