Tuesday, December 17, 2013


... I think of Canada's citizenry, in its willingness to take whatever the Harper regime dishes out in the way of mean-spirited, regressive and repressive legislation, as a beaten-down dog.


  1. hi Lorne…goodness that's one sad looking doggie, and I know how you feel. But it's important to remember that we are making progress. Harper has never been so unpopular, the Cons are mired in scandals, and the hoggish Rob Ford is heading for the sausage factory. So we have a lot to look forward to. And then of course there's doggies like you and me and we BITE…. ;)

    1. Hi Simon - thanks for the words of encouragement. Most days I feel a little more hopeful. I must be in a pre-Christmas funk. ;)

  2. .. that's an interesting premise .. or analogy .. 'a beaten-down dog'
    but why not see us instead.. as 'dogs being beaten on' ..
    loyal dogs that may yet growl or bite.. and fiercely struggle ?

    In any case.. we are not dogs.. but a vast land and its people.
    And our values, and our cultures, in no way.. are embraced or reflected by political parasites such as Stephen Harper et al ..

    We are old, we are young.. we are in between..
    we are yet to be born.. we have died for this country

    This is the land of freedom, uncountable waters, and the wind & trees
    High mountains, farmers, polar bears, small towns, schoolchildren, oceans, firefighters, prairies.. artists, salmon, teachers, nurses, truckers, elders, lumbermen, trainmen, biologists, students, retirees, doctors, bankers..
    housewives, beekeepers, web programmers, undertakers & infants

    A land of bounty.. diversity .. opportunity.. buzzing - dazzling with life

    If I thought scumbags like Pierre Poilievre represented Canada, I would have been gone long ago.. However, I accept that we get poli sci geeks n freaks like him, and twisted bad whisky sellouts like Joe Oliver or Peter Kent that come along here and there.. and make us all red faced with embarrassment. Same with dull dangerous sociopaths like Stephen Harper and any of his sick glib ilk a la Flaherty, Flanagan or Clement, Ashfield, Calandra or Del Mastro or Mackay

    I always see and feel that Canada has the capacity to weather such nonsensical, deranged or incompetent asshats.. just like we allow sick people to panhandle or shout aloud on the streets.. and yet ensure they have shelter for the night..

    My point is.. we are not wounded dogs.. we are a people
    Perhaps not truly as distinct a people as the First Nations of Canada
    but together we all are.. the people sheltering on.. and sustained by this land

    And if I must be an underdog .. being beaten on by scumbags
    ... I will not be alone .. nor will I ever - EVER .. EVER .. be beaten down

    1. As always, well-said, Salamander. I just wish we could infuse more Canadians with your passion!