Monday, December 30, 2013

Charlie Angus Sings 'The Reactionary Blues'

Kind of catchy, and makes for a great singalong, don't you think?

They're melting down the ice caps And raising up the trolls.
Putting shutters on the windows And burning all the notes.
The climate bell is ringing
But they've turned it back to snooze. I'm here a-singing the reactionary blues.
There's a war you never heard of
Better join the big parade
Or they'll cut off all your funding
That's how they play the game.
We ain't in this all together or don't you watch the news
They want you all singing the reactionary blues.

They're Thatcher's ugly children
And their world is black and white.
They're hunting down the rainbow
And spoiling for a fight.
They'll put you in a message box
Where nothing is really true
Leave you there a singing the reactionary blues.

It's about pressing all the buttons
And turning all the screws
It's about a Third World in the Northland
Where the children always lose
The fat cats are feasting on your future
Like they always do
While you’re left a singing the reactionary blues.

I saw a Maple leaf a-flying
That wasn't ripped or torn
I saw a world that needed healing
Where little dreams were born.
It's gonna take a lot of effort
To rebuild all the things they blew
And we’ll never sing again
The reactionary blues

No I don't want no more
of your reactionary blues.

H/t The Huffington Post


  1. Nice tune. I'll definitely join in in the sing-a-long. Great accordion solo.

    1. It does have a lot to commend itself, doesn't it, Anon?

  2. Great song! Thatcher inspired lots of reactionary songs in her day. Harper deserves no less. Meanwhile, Canada's got the downstream, downwind, downhill Tarsands blues...

    1. Catchy, Anon. Could there be another song in the offing?

  3. Their days may be numbered, Lorne.

  4. I read your post earlier today, Mound. It gave me some encouragement.