Friday, December 27, 2013

Rather Apt, Don't You Think?

h/t Canadians Rallying To Unseat Stephen Harper


  1. Yes, it is apt but it's just as apt for Liberals and New Democrats as it is for Conservatives. Not one of those parties will renounce corporatism, nor will any of them acknowledge much less pledge to reverse our democratic deficit. All three show no interest whatsoever in dismantling the corporate media cartel and restoring a free press to Canada. The environment? Oh, please. Inequality of income, wealth and opportunity? Ditto. They're all useless technocrats, not a leader among the lot. Every building threat that confronts the country and our people goes unaddressed. Surely that is institutional corruption at its very worst and on a whole-of-parliament scale.

  2. The truth of what you speak is undeniable, Mound, and it is a source of much consternation for me. I think people like us are well-aware of how short the time is for a true start to remediating our problems, but the opposition parties offer absolutely no basis to hope that will happen.