Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Web Grows Ever More Tangled

They say that when he was a journalist, Mike Duffy would often regale his listeners with tales of political intrigue gleaned from his many sources. A raconteur at heart, Duffy is now turning his story-telling talents to narrate a tale of corruption, cover-ups and lies emanating from the PMO and, increasingly, by inference, from Stephen Harper himself.

It now seems ghoulishly appropriate that the Conservative Conference begins in Calgary on Halloween, given that attendees, during the public portions of the gathering, will have to be wearing masks of contentment with and approval for Mr. Harper's 'leadership' during this crisis, masks that will surely slip away to reveal something quite different during the private sessions. They may also have some questions over why Dear Leader is having an increasingly difficult time in keeping his stories straight.

Below is a nice summary of yesterday's revelations:


  1. Lorne, here is a short poem you may like.

    See your future come crashing down
    Evil's licking its lips
    Another feast of a spineless man
    That tries to fight for his life

    Infected system, infected minds
    They're blinded by greed
    Our days are numbered
    Our days are few
    The devil takes what he wants

    1. Nicely done, LeDaro! Do you have a title for it? (I can think of a few, but I will yield to the creator here...)

    2. Lorne, the title is : "Tales Of Thy Spineless". I did not create it. You can see whole bunch of them: http://www.darklyrics.com/lyrics/hypocrisy/endofdisclosure.html

    3. It is entirely appropriate that the convention is on Halloween, Lorne. The politically dead are coming back to haunt Mr. Harper.

    4. And, as he is discovering, Owen, there is no way of easily exorcising them.

  2. There's a semi full of popcorn ready to pop out back, enough nachos to choke a pachyderm, and cold drinks are chilling on the ice. Who needs the Superbowl/Grey Cup/Stanley Cup when one can gleefully watch the Harper junta throttle itself with its own lies and backroom machinations? I want to see this rotten, stinking, corrupt, criminal, fascist regime torn the goddamn fuck apart and the burned down to the goddamn fucking ground so I can piss on the ashes...


    1. Your imagery is quite appealing, Neil. I don't normally favour blood sports, but for the one enveloping the Harper regime, i make an exception.

    2. The imagery I conjure up when thinking of the Reform-Conservatives is of George Romero's classic film 'Night of the Living Dead'.

      But I think that his later classic 'Dawn of the Dead', a satire of Swiftian proportion, is the most appropriate in the depiction of the Reform-Conservatives. In this film, the living dead have taken over the shopping mall, and their human victims have to hide from them in the mall attic.

      The shopping malls of Calgary will be filled with the living dead this Halloween weekend.

    3. It kind of gives new meaning to the phrase "Shop till you drop," Anon.