Monday, October 28, 2013

Harper Lies Multiplying

The trouble with lies is that after a time, they become hard to keep track of. The latest untruth from Mr. Harper came today during a radio interview with a 'friendly' who did not even bother to raise the fact of the discrepancy when the Prime Minister asserted, for the first time, that he had fired Nigel Wright.

Funny, up to this point I thought he had resigned. Perhaps Wright was simply resigned to his fate after he was fired?


  1. Lorne, Harper can't even keep his lies straight any longer. Remember how, at first, Harper claimed Wright had "gone rogue" in giving Duffy the under-the-table cash. Harper swore up and down that nobody else in the PMO knew much less was in on it. Then, months later, he had to step back and say "a few" others in the PMO were aware of it. Today Duffy reveals that it wasn't just PMO staff but the chief counsel to the Conservative Party, Arthur Hamilton, involved as a direct participant. Why then, one might ask, did Harper not fire Hamilton?

    1. Murkier and murkier grows this sordid tale, Mound. It took them a while to come up with this 'explanation,' but apparently now they are saying that on occasion they pay the legal bills of senators. Can you imagine? If this is true, they must have known about Nigel Wright's deal, since the legal fees apparently involved the deal he made with Duffy.

  2. Early on Harper said that Nigel Wright resigned and he accepted his resignations. Now he maintains that he fired Wright. Another interesting twist.


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