Sunday, March 25, 2012

From The Bottom Of The Swamp: Conservative Reaction to Mulcair's Victory

Why does the Conservative Party's classlessness never really surprise me?

On Saturday, before Prime Minister Stephen Harper had a chance to congratulate the new leader of the Official Opposition, the Conservative party had already released a statement attacking the New Democrat.

"Thomas Mulcair is an opportunist whose high-tax agenda, blind ambition and divisive personality would put Canadian families and their jobs at risk," said a statement by Conservative spokesperson Fred DeLorey.

"Mulcair has said he would bring back a risky, job-killing carbon tax which would raise the price of everything — even though Canadians overwhelmingly rejected carbon taxes," warned DeLorey.

How can any thinking Canadian have any respect for these people?

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  1. It speaks volumes of those jackbooted shits, doesn't it?