Wednesday, October 28, 2015

He Is Either Supremely Arrogant Or Extremely Delusional

"He" would be the outgoing but hardly lamented Minister of Immigration and Citizenship, Chris Alexander, who allowed his transfixation with power to corrupt and ruin him. The damage may indeed be permanent.

As you will see in the following video report, his inability to purge himself of the Conservative Kool-Aid means he accepts no responsibility for the party's recent fall from power but blames everything on outside perfidious forces such as the Liberals debasing and poisoning the campaign culture and liberal media distorting the truth. This is hardly an encouraging augury of his potential for rehabilitation:


  1. Well, Lorne, he's still got what it takes to land a good job flogging major appliances at Sears.

    Maybe Trudeau should gather the First Nations leaders to cleanse the centre block with their burning sweet grass ceremony. Either that or Lysol.

    1. Great idea, Mound. Perhaps a priest as well, to exorcise any remaining unclean spirits?