Sunday, October 4, 2015

Embracing The Veil

H/t The Toronto Star

While our prime minister claims, when attacking the niqab, that Canadians hold openness and transparency as societal values, he is happy to keep us in the dark about all of the secret negotiations going on to conclude the highly controversial Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, leaked elements of which suggest we will be ceding a great deal of our sovereignty to multi-nationals.

Meanwhile, Mr. Harper is adopting a 'trust me' strategy, saying that no deal will be entered into unless it is a net benefit to Canadians, an assertion that others find hard to swallow, given that he has never met a multi-national that he doesn't like.

Thinking Canadians will legitimately ask why, if the deal is to be so beneficial, the negotiations have been conducted behind such a thick, almost impenetrable, veil. To those who distrust our government, the answer is likely very clear.


  1. Harper will give away the farm in this deal Lorne like he has in other trade deals such as the one with China.He will also undermine Canadian sovereignty because his Neoliberalism requires that he speak for and support the global corporate elite, not the Canadian public. Harper and his CONs skill at negotiating is also completely without merit. They are the hicks coming to the big boys table and the international leaders can see them coming a mile away. There is a reason that Harper runs Trade deficits. Anyone knowing the truth about Harper and his gangs sheer incompetency and Neoliberal agenda would say that Canadians should not let Harper anywhere near a negotiating table.

    1. One of the biggest problems with neoliberalism is that its proponents see national boundaries as obstructions to profit, not as something to be respected, Pamela. Hence, the loss of sovereignty is just another opportunity to make even more money. Harper and his gang are betraying us every step of the way.

  2. Note that Obomba is a fake liberal fast-tracking the secretive TPP deal from the US side. No different than Harper.

    If voters think they will get different when Trudeau wins the election, they are in for a rude awakening (which they will forget by the time the next horse race rolls around.)

    FIPA and the TPP are a very important part of Trudeau's economic strategy which is based on the idea that "Asia is the future of the Canadian economy."

    Today's Liberal party is very gung ho on free trade. It creates middle class jobs, don't you know! 25 years of free trade has created so many jobs people need to work more of them to make ends meet!

    "The Liberal Party of Canada supports free trade, as this is how we open markets to Canadian goods and services, grow export-oriented businesses, create jobs, and provide choice and lower prices to Canadian consumers. We know that an increased emphasis on trade produces the growth* that will deliver a real and fair chance for middle class families."

    * GDP growth in 25 years previous to 1988 FTA: 176% (4.2% annually); in 25 years after: 74% (2.3% annually.) That's evidence-based policy for ya! (Source: The Conference Board's TED.)