Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Some Compelling Reasons To Vote

H/t Memorial March for the Victims of Harperism

H/t David Suzuki Foundation

If anyone you know is not certain whether he or she is registered to vote, checking out one's status is easy by a visit to Elections Canada Online.

Meanwhile, the truly disenfranchised are getting some help in Halifax through something called the Identification Clinic.
The Identification Clinic is a volunteer group that aims to put IDs in the hands of the homeless and the disadvantaged.
One of the group's founders, Darren Greer,
found his first clients by walking up to people on the street, and asking if they needed help. They replied with an immediate and enthusiastic yes.

"A lot of them have had ID before and have lost it," said Greer. "They are so often asked for it, and refused services because of it, that they understand probably better than a lot of us what these IDs mean."
Not only will this project facilitate access to social services, but also to the voting booth, as the necessary identification will have been obtained.

God knows, in the election we all have a vital part to play.


  1. I tried to go online to confirm that my family and I are registered (we have all been voting in past elections but I wanted to be sure). It was not that easy online (asked not only for postal code but lot and concession numbers). Finally, after a few minutes of trying, I had to call 1-800-463-6868. It was a lot easier by phone (we are registered). Also, advance voting is already open (at least in my area) thus some might want to do this if they cannot vote on Oct. 19. "ABC", eh?

    1. Thanks for the information, Anon. I checked as well, but since I live in an urban area, I did not have a problem finding out if I am registered.