Monday, September 7, 2015

UPDATED: A Most Visible Sign Of Contempt

It is well-known among those who follow politics that governments frequently show contempt for the people that they 'serve.' However, rarely is that contempt telegraphed in advance of an election. Jerry Bance, who is running for the federal Conservatives in the Toronto riding of Scarborough Rouge Park, owns and operates XPress Appliance Service, an appliance repair company in the Greater Toronto Area. As you will see in the following video, he sets a new depth for disdain that I suspect few will want to emulate.

"I deeply regret my actions on that day. I take great pride in my work and the footage from that day does not reflect who I am as a professional or a person," Bance said when contacted by CBC News for comment.'

Response to the story on social media sites was nearly instantaneous. The hashtag "peegate" was soon trending on Twitter, as Twitter buzzed with disparaging jokes, comments and bad puns targeting Bance and the Conservative Party.
Bance's Dear Leader will be campaigning today in Toronto.
A media advisory from the Conservative campaign names two candidates who will join him, but does not mention Bance.
Happy Labour Day, everyone (excluding Jerry Bance, of course).

UPDATE: The errant Mr. Bance is no longer a Conservative candidate, a loss, to be sure. As Thomas Mulcair puckishly observed, “This must be someone who’s adept at Stephen Harper’s trickle down theory of economics.”


  1. In Michael Harris' Party of One, he had a story about the re-election of Mulroney. With Broadbent leading in the polls, and Mulroney facing scandals (though nothing compared to the current number or severity of Harper's), the Cons Party apparently hired Arthur Finkelstein, the Republican operator credited with the ruthless but effective use of negative ads. Finkelstein decided that it was very difficult to lift Mulroney's image and that the only thing to do was to discredit Broadbent with negative ads. He said something along the lines that they would have to make voters drink pigs' piss if Mulroney was to win. Mulroney of course did win again. Seems these guys have been making voters (those who vote Cons) drink pigs' piss whether it was Mulroney or Harper.

    You'd wonder how anyone with even an ounce of intelligence would ever vote for these guys. Sure there are idiots in all parties but there seem to be a lot more idiots in the Cons Party.

    And they are nasty and disgusting too, as the Angry Old Con, and now this Bance guy, had demonstrated.

    1. Anon, I have often pondered the same question as to who supports the
      Harperites. While one hesitates to make gross over generalizations, it
      would seem they are either benighted, ideologically rabid, supremely
      selfish or grossly ignorant. I can think of no other possibilities.

  2. Lorne, you and others are being very unfair to Mr. Bance. He was just marking his territory as other animals do. He is a little lower on the evolution scale.

    1. Great comment, LD, and, I fear, totally accurate!

  3. Who has a surveillance camera in their kitchen? I don't know about you but I'm thinking this guy has pissed away his political career. Twice defeated and now knocked out by an unruly bladder. Harper is apparently in this guy's former riding today and I'll bet he'll be pissed off when reporters try to raise this.

    1. Rumour has it, Mound, that when he learned of the 'incident,' Harper phoned Bance and said, "Urine trouble."