Saturday, July 25, 2015

Harper Under Seige

Once more, editorial cartoonist Graeme MacKay scores a solid bullseye.

As does Corrigan over at The Star:

And let's not forget Star readers:
Since the post-2008 Great Recession, Stephen Harper’s primary focus on energy (oil/gas) economic action strategies have painted our economic flexibilities into a corner. Now we find our transnational economic drivers near exhausted.

Interest rates are now .05 per cent. We are on the precipice of falling financially/economically into quicksand recessionary territory.

In hindsight, consider what if we had developed multi-faceted strategies for dynamic, clean-energy manufacturing 21st century technologies in critical mass in construction, science, industry and commerce? Would we be so constrained now with lowest possible oil/gas commodity prices? Would our “loonie” be so vulnerable? Would our frivolousness with tax dollars tied to ineffective foreign policies be so committed to 20th century industrial, free market strategic imbecilities?

Harper’s single-minded chess tactics with much of what he mismanages is fast becoming an economically unmanoeuvreable position now on a precarious global stage. And now with Iran’s economic sanctions lifting as result of the deal with the Western powers, there’s no promise of recovery ever being tied to those “triple-digit” commodity prices that Canada’s oil producers followed our PM so recklessly on.

Brian McLaughlin, Saint John, NB

I’ll have to agree with Mr. Goodale’s take on Harper’s economic record. What’s Mr. Harper’s experience in economics, again? None in the private sector that I could find. I think Canadians know who is really in over their head.

Geoffrey Allen, Markham
And one more reminder from MacKay of Mr. Harper's fiscal ineptitude:


  1. MacKay's second cartoon says it all, Lorne. Harper is a very small man.

    1. In every way that matters, Owen, in every way that matters.

  2. Harper has succeeded to fool Canadians for over 10 years, Lorne. Let's hope this time he fails come October 2015. Besides recession his foreign policy has succeeded to change our status from being a peace-keeping nation to a war-making nation. The result is attacks from jihadists. Very unfortunate. Canadian don't feel safe anymore.

    1. He has been a disaster for our country in so many ways, LD. Let's hope there is no terrorism incident in Canada before the election, because I think we both know how Harper would exploit it.