Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Words Fail Me Here

Unequivocally evil is the only phrase I can think of to describe this ecological and environmental outrage. Read the story and draw your own conclusions:

Ottawa removing North Pacific humpback whales from list of ‘threatened’ species


  1. Yup. The entire marine ecology is in a state of rapid transition out here, Lorne, and Harper with the aide of his henchmen and the acquiescence of most of the rest of Canada is running roughshod over the coast. He's gutted entire sections of the Department of Fisheries and Oceans that once monitored and safeguarded coastal waters and marine life; he's gutted navigation rules to make them decidedly tanker-friendly; he's moved the emergency oil spill command centre to Quebec and now this. Protecting our coasts is an obligation of all of Canada, every province has a responsibility. If that means defending the coast against a rapacious, predatory prime minister the obligation remains unaffected. When that support doesn't materialize we realize it's not Canada's coast, it's our coast and we have to defend it with such means as we have at our disposal.

    I don't question your outrage but can you imagine how the ancient bands of the north coast - the Haida, the Niisga, the Gi'it-Gat and the others - must feel? For well over a thousand years this is where their people have lived and mainly from the coastal sea. Now this. How could they not feel endangered, their very way of life in peril? Who can deny them the right to defend their families, their communities and the future of their children?

    1. Your observations and pointed rhetorical questions should stir the humanity in all of us, Mound.

    2. .. Outrage .. Crime .. Evil .. Yes.. But its nothing new. The Harper campaign against the Canadian environment, ecosystems, species and human culture has been going on at breakneck reckless & disastrous speed. And he's had plenty of help..

      Yep.. Ray Novak, Tom Flanagan, thousands of salaried lawyers & outside lawyers, the late Jim Flaherty, Peter Kent, Gail Shea, Joe Oliver.. untold numbers within The PMO.. Nigel Wright was onboard with every decision, Arthur Hamilton billing staggering hours, Keith Ashfield.. Jenni Byrne, Stephen Lecce.. the list of toxic infected drones seems endless

      Every single one of these creeps sold out Canada, sold out our children and grandchildren.. and those of our neighbors, family and friends.. and they still won't quit. Its some sort of twisted wishful gullible messiah complex or a rapture belief brain blowout.. Either of those.. or both - plus the simple sad fact these political protozoa are truly spineless cowardly scumbags.

      Stephen Harper and the creepy so-called Canadians that follow him and his corporate political partners are blinded to the cascade that follows elimination of keychain species such as wild salmon or herring. Gail Shea needs a monument built to her unflinching servitude to Harper & her attacks upon wild fish & critical habitat. So does Keith Ashfield..

      No longer do we actually have separate Ministries.. We have The Harper Uber Ministry .. where dear Stevie has folded Environment, Fisheries & Oceans and Natural Resources into one Divine Harper Oracle that uses willing spokeswanks like Joe Oliver to spew the latest disinformation and attacks on biology & science.

      If we ever manage to get the Harper Plague under control.. we need to identify every single person who willingly became a carrier of the disease & ensure they get exactly what they deserve.. just like their leader.

      Either your heart glows, for all that is Canada ..
      and the wondrous planet we live on and share ..
      or you have no heart.. certainly no soul
      and are a danger.. like an epidemic.. or plague

    3. Perhaps, Salamander, the image of the humpback swamped by a sea of spilled oil would be another potent image to add to the symbols and metaphors you have previously suggested as a way of rallying disengaged Canadians against this abominable regime.

    4. It's not only the PMO and the ministers mentioned by Salamander, there's a government back bench just full of conservative drones with barely a brain cell of morality between them. Long term thinking for these clowns seems to be until the end of the day.

    5. One would have thought, Inse, that those backbenchers, being the trained seals they are, would feel more empathy for their kindred in the wild.

  2. Lorne;

    Don't even go there with your imagination; Humpbacks have had enough at humanities hands, target practice for the military, caught in drift nets and suffocated, hit by large vessels, radio-active debris and the great pacific garbage patch. They are not the only species that have a right to life.

    Harpers gotta go and all his bullshit has to be reversed. The oil is not for us the profits don't go to us. The jobs will go to foreign workers. The mess we will be stuck with so its time to take a stand before we lose more ability to do something about it.

    Quit working for any one who encourages the degradation of our lands and coasts and native species and don't support them in the market place learn to be as self sufficient as possible. Because this is all we really have folks and its not ours we are meant to nurture it and pass it on. Not tear it to pieces and destroy it.

    Humpbacks are obvious much more gracious and intelligent than humans:



    1. Thanks, Anon. Your words resonate.